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Posted March 30, 2016 from Belize

Aspirational Assets - hopes and dreams despite barriers faced

Graduate degrees for those who don’t have the connections or influences; Women and Men African descendants and Indigenous available and accessible affordable higher education degrees to become rightful leaders in the development of the country

Familial Assets – ways family and friends provide support

Family and friends cheer me on to take the risk and move on my action; highlight strengths I can use to contribute to development of others

Social Assets: networks and community resources used

Community development network, work team, think tank, personal development groups, social/fun group, change the world mover and shaker group of women in women development group, regional and international academic training associations

Navigational Assets: people who helped you navigate through school, relationships, work and life

Three of my life navigators are now deceased and include my mother, an international midwife and a non-profit leader in the substance abuse treatment world. Their spirit live on in who I have become in part because of them. Four women continue to be heroines in my life story. My neighbor who lived her spirituality and gave me a model to follow, my first career mentor and coach as I started my first job as a teacher. The invaluable lessons she continues to teach in spite of the multiple obstacles life has strewn along her path. When there was a change in the trajectory of my life’s work it was in large part because of the push of a work colleague, who forced me to follow through with a job that was the start of the work I have done in the past couple decades. The 96 year old lady who still gets dressed for and goes to work as the head of the largest credit union (community bank) has been an inspiration to me in navigating through my work-home life. There are sacrifices but you can make a change for women.

Safety and Security Assets: your ‘safe’ and ‘take care of you’ people and places.

My spouse and my sister are my physical and emotional ‘safe’ persons. My home is my safe place and my longtime walking the spiritual talk neighborhood woman is my spiritual ‘take care of me’ person.

Resistance Asset: ways you overcame obstacles or challenged the status quo in the past

In High School there was little money for lunch – it taught me to eat healthy, fruits are cheap. Teenage Pregnancy gave me the only experience of motherhood and helped me learn a lot about the human being. Three months of totally unexpected unemployment taught me that I can adjust, adapt and adopt and become stronger and more conscious because of it. Working in a non-profit and constantly needing to mobilize resources or reduce expenses continue to be the reality of my life after two decades.

Innate Assets: talents, abilities and unique stories that are yours

Big picture mind and construction of things Making connections to link individual aspects to the big picture Planning skills Willingness to help Philanthropic Leadership Speak up step up and take charge Not afraid and willing to take risk on behalf of someone else Social justice fighter since as long as I can remember ( 5 years old)

Material Assets: what is available to help you achieve your goals

Business incorporation certificate, bank account, office, utilities, communication and equipment Infrastructure in two locations; Friends with infrastructure and technical resources to share

Communication Assets: skills unique to you and how to use

Language skills – fluent in English and Spanish Typing Technical Writing skills

Digital Assets: access to technology, public or private

Private access to

Google US number, free calls to US numbers Skype Whatsapp Viber Email Facebook

Educational Assets: education and training that you use and build on

Formal academic training at doctoral level in health and human services Women’s issues and rights Gender and Development Sexual and Reproductive Health Gender Based Violence

Professional/Community Assets: professional or community experience and know-how that you bring to any new situation.

Leadership and membership in several cultural, ethnic ancestry, housing and development groups that continue to inform and influence my work

Personal Wisdom: experience that you bring to any new situation, coming directly from your life experiences and unique to your background -

Being open to new learning always

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