Digital Empowerment Training:Millennial Empowerment Conference (MEC 2016)

Marie-Claire Kuja
Posted April 12, 2016 from United States
MEC 2016
Here with our first flyer for the conference bearing our keynote speakers.
MEC 2015
MEC 2015: MEC 2015 official opening day with officials (1/5)

Who will you invite?

I plan to host a three days empowerment conference called Millennial Empowerment Conference (MEC 2016) now entering its second edition from August 22nd – 24th 2016 in the campus of St. Louis University Institute, Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda, North West region Cameroon.

Our conference is very inclusive as we want as many people to have the opportunity to learn. When limits are set for such events many people are left behind.

Our invitees ranges from people in academia, researchers, professionals, administrators, educational leaders, policy makers, industry representatives, all students, teenage mothers, women and persons with disabilities.

What’s your goal for the training? What will participants gain? What will the community outcome be?

The conference which consists of many components: workshop sessions, Cameroon business forum, youth leadership training sessions, panel discussions on a wide range of issues facing youths, women and girls, presentations and exhibitions, and a town hall meeting where youths are encouraged to make their voices heard to communities leaders about issues they face in their communities and the way forward. *New and very exciting we have added Digital Empowerment Training to our program thanks to World Pulse. This seeks to increase the knowledge, resources and tools of not only women but all conference participants who will be attending the conference from all the regions of Cameroon. This is in an effort to empower and encourage the use digital technology to achieve their fullest human potential.

In this training out participants will gain knowledge on how to use the internet and the digital tools (smart phone, tablets laptops to name a few.) that they own to empower themselves to have positive impact in their communities and actively contribute to change in the world. We live in an Android generation as my people usually say. But our digital training will turn that around and make participants to use all those devices they own productively instead of taking pictures and uploading or fighting on the net. They will also gain leadership skills and new knowledge on how to start their own businesses.

The community outcomes of our training will be to ensure safe and responsible use of social media. As mentioned earlier in Cameroon you can often hear parents referring to teenagers as the “Android Generation” .However this always used in a negative way to describe youths whose only use of smart phones is to take pictures and upload on Facebook or hide behind their keyboards to bully at others (cyber bullying).

The goal will be to provide digital empowerment for women and youths in my community and the outcomes are as follows:

  1. Connect women( young women, teenage mothers, women with disabilities) to the World Pulse community which will expose them to digital skills and better use of digital technology for social change
  2. Connect women and the rest of our participants to resources and networks.

What parts of the Trainer’s Toolkit will you use? How will you adapt the training to your own language, culture, and local needs?

On day 2 of the conference I will personally spearhead the Digital training workshop where I plan to use the 3-hours Introduction to Digital Empowerment Trainer's Toolkit to my participants. In this regard there will be breakout sessions which will engage the participants and motivate them to actively take part in the workshop.

Cameroon is a bilingual country with English and French as the main languages .But for the purpose of our conference which by the way will be taking part the English speaking part of the country we will be using English as the main medium of communication. However, we have French interpreters on the standby.

In respect to the rich culture we have in Cameroon we will be adapting the training toolkit suit our culture and will glad link to the needs of young women in terms of social media and how it can be used to improve their everyday lives. Many business men, women and entrepreneurs will be there to also teach how to use the internet to start businesses.

I plan to do a great introductory session which will be my example of how the training toolkit can be adapted to suit the culture in Cameroon. We are a culture of rich riddles and jokes. I plan to use that in my sessions to involve participants.

As regards to connecting the training toolkit to the local needs of the women, I would be discussing about how women and girls can use social media to make their voices heard by sharing their stories. Also I will be talking about how they can to contribute to changes in their local communities through the internet. Lastly I will be talking to them about the use of social media to improve their businesses and careers. I will share my story with them and how social media (World Pulse, Facebook) has helped me to share my story and empowered many women around the world to do the same.

What resources will you need to conduct this training? Do you have those resources? If not, how can you get them?

Venue – We have a venue for this conference that has been donated to us by one of our patrons Dr.Nick Ngwanyam who is the CEO of one of the best/biggest nursing schools in the region- in the campus of St. Louis University Institute, Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda, North West region Cameroon

Participants – Speakers and participants for this conference are coming from around the world.

Training Toolkit – We have a theme for the conference which is “Turning Challenges into Opportunities” .All speakers are given this theme and can then prepare their speeches and presentations to suit the theme. However for the newly added program Digital Empowerment Training, I will adapt the World Pulse Digital Empowerment Toolkit for the 3-hours workshop.

Coffee, snacks & lunch – Due to the large number of participants that that we will be hosting, we plan to provide snacks, coffee, tea and assorted juices. We also plan to collaborate with service trete to come and sell food during lunch breaks.

Projector – My older brother has a projector. We used it last year and will use this year too.

Notepads, pencils - We will provide these to participants.

T-shirts’-Customized T-shirts with our logo will be printed and sold to participants at very cheap rates.

Name tags - We have already bought 350 name tag holders. Once participants register, a name tag will be given to them with a number confirming their registration.

Pictures and videos – We have a professional photography who has team that will cover the event.

Any safety concerns? How will you address these concerns?

Of cause there are always safety concerns. However we plan to address them as follows:

1) The training will start from 9a.min the morningto 4pm (daytime) to give enough time for people to return to their homes.

2) It is required by the municipality in which the conference will be held to hire security guards and obtained a permit prior to holding the conference. Our team on the ground in Cameroon are currently working on that.!welcome/c1ndz

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  • Maya Muñoz-Tobón
    Apr 12, 2016
    Apr 12, 2016

    Dear Kuja, This is such an inspiring event. Your planning is very thorough and it is evident how you are able to bring all kinds of people together to work on single goal of making change in their communities. I am very excited to hear that you decided to incorporate digital empowerment into this conference and that you will personally lead it.  I am wondering if you have posted this in our Event Page or Resource Exchange to invite people to participate.  I look forward to hear more about the results of this conference. Warmly, Maya

  • Marie-Claire Kuja
    Apr 12, 2016
    Apr 12, 2016

    Hello Maya. Thank you for this brilliant comment.I am empowered and blessed by your encouraging words. I will be posting this on the event page soon. The conference will be live streaming online( Facebook) so people from around the world can see.I will also be posting pictures here on world pulse and on our Facebook page during and after the conference. Thank you kindly Maya. Stay very blessed. Kuja.

    Apr 12, 2016
    Apr 12, 2016

    Dear Kujamac, This is a thoroughly thought out training plan and I so look forward to being a part in the 'Happening now'. All the very best as you continue empowering others.

  • Marie-Claire Kuja
    Apr 12, 2016
    Apr 12, 2016

    Dearest Arrey. Thank you lots.And I am excitedly hoping to meet you at MEC 2016. Thank you. kuja

  • yvoneakoth
    Apr 12, 2016
    Apr 12, 2016

    Dear Kuja,

    I love your detailed plan and the fact that you will be reaching a large group of stakeholders with special focus on women. Is there a way I can follow the conference online?, seems it will be interesting.

    Warm regards,


  • Marie-Claire Kuja
    Apr 12, 2016
    Apr 12, 2016

    Hello yvoneakoth.

    You're are so kind.Thank you for your kind words.

    Yes you will be able to watch the conference live online as we will be live streaming.I will share detailed  information with you as we get closer to the conference.

    Thank you kindly.

    Be blessed.