Training Plan to Digitally Empower Young Women

Posted April 12, 2016 from Belize

Training Plan to Digitally Empower Young Women

Invitees to my future training will be young women who are a part of the World Scouts Association in my city. The goal for the training is an introduction to World Pulse.

Participants will gain an opportunity to join World Pulse, share their voices, and see the benefits of digital empowerment for themselves, gain experience and build skills. The community outcome will be an expanded online community where a few additional young women who have a voice and allow it to be heard.

The one-hour training session consists of 20 power point slides and notes will be used to provide an orientation to World Pulse’s Digital Empowerment Training. English is the language of instruction in my home country so the training materials do not need to be modified significantly, except where synonyms may better explain one or more concepts.

Resources needed for the training include a facilitator and training venue. Additionally several materials are needed including:

• Sign-in sheet with contact information of each participants

• Computer with Digital Empowerment Overview PowerPoint

• Digital Projector

• White wall

• Paper for notes

• Markers for note-takers

• Feedback forms

Of the list of resources needed for this training, only the digital projector and training space are not available and these will be rented. No safety concerns are anticipated for the training or training participants

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  • Emily Miki
    Apr 14, 2016
    Apr 14, 2016

    Hi Emergentcorp,

    It is great how you planned your work and I personally wish you all the best on your training. When do you plan to do it? I pray you don't face any technical challenges like I did with my first training so much so that the digital projector rented was seen as a waste of money.

    Wish you success!

  • emergentcorp
    Apr 14, 2016
    Apr 14, 2016

    Dear Emilia:

    I hope to do the training in early summer (June).  I thank you for your comments on rental of the digital projector.  I too  have concerns with rental of the projector.  I would much rather purchase the equipment since I am already excited to say that I plan to provide the 1 hour digital empowerment training to at least 3 other youth agencies that work primarily with girls and young women.  And who knows what this may lead to.    At the moment but the cost is too high for me.  I will work hard to secure a fully functional, compatible equipment for the training.