Whether it’s testifying at the UN or leading the local council, the seats of power are missing talented women. It’s time for a change.

Since November 12, we’ve nominated over 1300 women. Together, we are changing this picture. VoteRunLead is hosting a second round of salon events to get a groundswell of diverse women in the seats of power. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Nominate a woman leader you believe in right now and get her what she needs to lead. The nominees are women you think are ready to level up their leadership. They don’t have to be “political.” Think remarkable women. Your nominee will be invited to our exclusive salons in January and February, online and in person. She will get intensive VoteRunLead support including access to our award-winning trainings and key connections within our nationwide network.

Once she accepts your nomination, we’ll get in touch right away with her invitation to join us and help #FillTheRoom!

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