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Global release of the WECAN Women’s Climate Action Agenda. The Action Agenda analyzes the root causes of environmental degradation and social injustice, ultimately presenting powerful recommendations and alternative solutions to the climate crisis. Click here for free download

Lesson Plans for Teaching Adolescents about Sexual and Reproductive Health

I've noticed that many World Pulse members work with adolescents, especially young girls, to help them understand various topics related to sexuality and reproductive health. I used to teach this topic, so I am posting here some resources that I have used that may be useful for those who are teaching this topic. I have some more resources in other languages (mostly in Spanish) so please get in touch if you are interested in those! Two files are attached, and the following two websites also have lots of lesson plans:

The Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights is an amazing organization providing assitance to asylum seekers (in the U.S.), as well as providing education on topics ranging from Violence Against Women (see the link on their homepage to their Stop Violence Against Women project) to immigration, and many more. Though their on the ground assistance is mostly focused on the upper midwest of the United States, their online information and educational materials could be useful in many locales.

IWMF introduces Reporta—a new security app for Journalists

The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) designed Reporta to empower journalists working in potentially dangerous conditions to quickly implement their security protocols with the touch of a button. The free app is available on iPhone and Android devices in Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, and Turkish. Read more and download the app at 

Recherché de financement

Salut a tout Le monde je suis fiere de faire partir de world pulpe .j avais poster une demande aide financier pour un projets qui me tiens a coeur j aimerais bien mettle ma petite enterprises de teinture en marche et Aussi promouvoir l emploie des femmes de mon quarter car ya beaucoup de femmes qui ne fond rien  a longueur de journee et je sais bien qu Elles sont envie de faire quel que chose pour aider leur famille 

Position women in Pakistan

There are many opinions about the position of women in society and especially in Pakistan because there are many different classes of people. Some people are conservative, others liberal still. Some other religious, orthodox and fanatics and many others. All these see, to be sitting at very extreme position. These opinions are still more diverging when viewed from different points of view i.e. economic, political, social, religious and cultural. Such as a compromise formula is to be achieved where the sanctity of our religious and socio-economic system is secured

Looking for Funding? AWID Provides Feminist Donor List

Sharing a truly terrific new tool by our friends at AWID. It's a searchable donor list, making it easier for feminist and women’s rights organizations to connect with the right funders. - See more at:

ICTs for Feminist Movement Building: Activist Toolkit

ICTs for Feminist Movement Building: Activist Toolkit is designed for anyone who is interested in social change. For many activists, movement builders and community-based organizers, harnessing the power of information and communications technologies (ICTs) to speak out against injustice, violence and inequality can be challenging.

Your story, your voice, let it be heard

Path to Womanhood Foundation is looking to get volunteer content writers for articles OR real life stories from real life people like you and me. These will be shared on our website and shared across our social media accounts as well. 

Online Toolkits of A Variety of Subjects

Mindtools is a great website with a number of different toolkits on a large number of subjects including leadership, communication skills, project management, etc. The toolkits offer tips, advice, resources and videos to each of the subjects. I found some of the toolkits really useful and enjoyed looking through all the resources on the website. 

Learn to Code with Codeacademy

Codecademy is the easiest way for you to learn how to code. Codecademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 8 different programming languages. It is very focused on learning by doing. All of the content is designed so seconds after signing up you will begin learning by actually coding in a browser. Codecademy is an entirely new, networked approach to learning where you interact with students across the globe, build amazing projects, and obtain the skills you need to succeed in today’s digital world.

Intel® Learn Mobile Skills App

The Intel® Learn Mobile Skills is the perfect app to learn the basics of using a computer and other Internet fundamentals. In just a few simple steps, you can learn about the features of a computer as well as essential skills like creating an email account and working with the Google search engine. Make the best of your computing experience with this step-by-step, user-friendly guide that includes pictorial representations and offers four different language options (English, Hausa, Swahili, Zulu).

Exclusive access to Institute for Women's Leadership Curriculum

Are you leading change in your community and looking for a new resource for yourself, your colleagues, or the community you serve?  Are you promoting gender partnership?  You are invited to access Gender Partnership Everywhere, free-of-charge, through a generous partnership offer from the Institute for Women's Leadership. 

AuthorAID - Online Course in Research Writing and Proposal Writing - Deadline to apply: 20 May 2015

> AuthorAID - Online Course in Research Writing and Proposal Writing AuthorAID announces an online course in research writing and proposal writing. The main topics are: (i) writing research papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals; and (ii) writing grant proposals to seek funding for research. The course is for researchers living and working in eligible developing countries, with emphasis on early-career researchers. Deadline to apply: 20 May 2015 at 11 pm GMT.

African Women's Decade Report (2010-2020)

Make Every Woman Count is an African woman led-organization, which serves as a mobilizing, networking, information, advocacy and training platform for African women by building their leadership capacities to influence policy and decision-making. This report published by them highlights there work to hold governments accountable for their commitments to gender equality. This includes policy decisions and treaties.

Global Status Report on Violence Prevention (WHO)

This report "assess national efforts to address interpersonal violence, namely child maltreatment, youth violence, intimate partner and sexual violence, and elder abuse. The report reviews the current status of violence prevention efforts in countries, and calls for a scaling up of violence prevention programs; stronger legislation and enforcement of laws relevant for violence prevention; and enhanced services for victims of violence." I hope you find this report interesting.

Climate Justice and Women's Rights: A Guide to Supporting Grassroots Women's Action

Climate Justice and Women’s Rights explains why supporting grassroots women is so important if we really want to make a difference on climate change. It inclues case studies and practical tips on how to get resources to local people working on women’s rights and climate change issues.  Attached below is the report and the link. Explore the Women and Climate website to for great information inforgraphics and more. I hope you enjoy.  Link to Website:

Security-In-A-Box: Staying Safe Online Toolkit

Security in a Box is a community-focused toolkit on how to create digital security when suing any type of technology. This toolkit was specifically developed for the LGBTI community in Sub-Saharan Africa but has some great tips that can apply to anyone who is using the Internet to fight for human rights. It was created to meet the digital security and privacy needs of advocates and human rights defenders.

Fundraising Guide for Women's Community-Based Organizations (English, French, Spanish)

This fundraising guide is specifically for women’s community-based organization. Within the guide there are tips on how to create buy-in, establish stakeholder groups, and gain funding for specific projects. Don’t forget to explore all the resources at the end of the guide that will provide you with more organizations to go explore. The guide is available in English, French and Spanish, which I have copied links to below. I hope you enjoy! 

Girls Not Brides Website (Reports, Infographics and more)

Girls Not Brides is a civil society partnership of more than 450 member organizations that are based in over 70 countries. Within the website of the organization are a large number of resources including published reports, info-graphics, and newsletters. There are some very powerful videos and inspirational testimonies from girls and women all around the world that has worked with this coalition. I hope you enjoy their website and find the information really eye opening and useful.