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Ecological Footprint Calculator - How Many Earths?

How many earths do you need to support your current lifestyle? The Global Footprint Network is a nonprofit organization established to enable a sustainable future where all people have the opportunity to live satisfying lives within the means of the planet. This organization does a variety of different projects and research.

Empower Women - Online Training Learning Center

Interested in how to empower women through your own personal story telling? Here is a great online training resource that was developed by Empower Women that gives you personal stories regarding a variety of different subjects including your personal self, money, business, products and people. Each of these online training modules has a variety of personal stories followed by some probing questions. I hope you’ll explore. 

Empower Women - Economic Empowerment Resources

Empower Women is an online community that provides information and resources to men and women in order to explore, create connections, start discussions and learn from one another. Empower Women has an extensive number of resources on their website which include information to a number of different reports regarding economic empowerment and cover a wide range of different topics. Some of these topics include policy, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and agriculture.

Creating A Social Enterprise Toolkit

Want to learn how to start your own small business? Here is a great toolkit that was developed in order to help you begin your own social enterprise. The toolkit goes through step-by-step guide on how to get started from exploring a business idea and business plan to how to structure your organization. Including in the toolkit is also a large section on financing your project followed by some great case studies. I hope you enjoy this toolkit and find it useful.  

The IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report: What's in it for Africa? (Toolkit on Climate Change)

Toolkit on how climate change is already being felt throughout Africa. Learn about some of the issues that are occurring and that will continue to occur if steps are not taken to address these issues. The report was developed by the IPCC and explores Africa-specific data, trends and analysis. This includes information about how there are opportunities for adaptation, mitigation and development.

Sustainable Development Adapting to Climate Change Toolkit

This toolkit was developed by the United Nations Development Program and offers information on how to design climate change adaptation projects. This toolkit is written for individuals who work at the national and local government, who work with NGOs, or those who work with grassroots movements.

Wildlife & Wildlands Toolkit USA

This is a great website with some amazing resources about information regarding different eco-regions through the United States. Follow the resource link and select a region that you live in or the region of interest. From there you can gain additional information, teaching materials, introductory videos and more. 

Girl's in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Strengthening girls’ involvement in STEM – an accelerator of sustainable development At the following link you will see an article about an event entitled “Women and Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM): Progress, Challenges, post-2015 opportunities for furthering the goals of the Beijing Platform for Action.” which took place on March 9, 2015. This event was backed by a UNESCO sponsored report entitled "A Complex Formula: Girls and Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Asia"

Creating a Women's Empowerment Group (Toolkit)

I found this great resource that was developed by an organization in Uganda about how to build and create an economic empowerment group through bead making. The organization, Bead for Life, has developed their own materials about how to create this entrepreneurial group and have provided some great information about how to create your own bead making party in your community. 

Creating a Project to Improve the Capacity of Local Communities to Adapt to Climate Change Toolkit (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese)

This toolkit was created by CARE International and helps individuals and organizations be able to create Community-Based Adaptation projects. Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) projects are interventions whose primary objective is to improve the capacity of local communities to adapt to climate change. The toolkit includes information about climate change and how to create a project that will create lasting and systemic change.

Making Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Work

“There are constant and growing pressures on governments and organizations around the world to be more responsive to demands from internal and external stakeholders for good governance, accountability and transparency, greater development effectiveness and delivery of tangible results.”

How to Make the Government More Accountable Toolkit - Is it possible?

This toolkit discusses a pilot project that was done in Montenegro in order to improve local democracy by increasing accountability and transparency at the local level. The toolkit discusses the pilot project, some of the lessons learned from the project and how you can take some of these initiatives into your own community. In exploring this toolkit some of the most interesting things that I found were in Chapter 5 discussing some of the best practices on transparency and accountability and how they are key principles in creating a powerful democracy at the local level.

The Best Global Non-Fiction of 2014

I've noticed many posts the last few days within the World Pulse Community about reading non-fiction books about topics that affect women throughout the world. I came across this list of books and thought I would share with everyone. I have read one of the books on the list and it did not disappoint and I am looking forward to reading many of the others. I hope you enjoy and this helps building your reading list in the future. 

20 Inspiring TED Talks Every Women Should Watch

From careers to relationships these 20 Ted Talks cover a variety of different topics that all relate to women leadership and empowerment.  One of my favorites is by Sheryl Sandberg on why there are two few women leaders where she discusses some of the issues as to why women are less likely to be at the top of major corporations and ways in which they can overcome some of the reasons why. Another talk from the list that is very interesting is the Power of Introverts.

PIFEVA (Pillar to Vulnerable Women Active in DR Congo)

PIFEVA (Pillar to Vulnerable Women Active in DR Congo) is a non-profit support women and local communities against poverty and injustice created June 4, 2004 in Bukavu, in a context of widespread poverty, sexual violence to women, the spread of STI / AIDS, exploitation and use of women and children in mining squares forces and armed groups and massive displacement of populations following multiple wars occurred in East DRCongo.

New Free E-Book on Fundraising Tips

THE FUTURE OF FUNDRAISING Sixteen leading nonprofit experts have come together to share innovative trends, non profit fundraising ideas, and best practices that will help nonprofits keep their supporters in focus in a new era of philanthropy. Download the eBook for fresh fundraising tips and ideas you can put into practice now!

Toolkits on Identification, Prevention and Caring for Children with Disability -- Guide for Community Workers, Parents and Health Workers

As a community worker, my focus is not limited to the person with disability only but to include the parents, relatives and the community as a whole. I want to see that everybody is involved in the development of a child -- which holds true in the saying "it takes a village to raise a child" and to see an inclusive community. One way to achieve that is through engagement of the community and education.

The Global Leadership Forecast 2014-2015 Report/Map

The Development Dimensions International, Inc (DDI) has compiled information from organizations from 48 different countries and compiled it into the Global Leadership Forecast 2014-2015. Within the report DDI has found some interesting information in regards to what the future of leadership looks like in business and organizations. Link:

The Female Face of Farming - Exploring the Gender Gap in Agriculture

Farmers. Workers. Entrepreneurs. Care-givers. Bread-winners. Bread-makers. Mothers. Wives. Daughters. Sisters Women wear a variety of hats in all countries. However, even though women have multi-faceted roles with their communities, gender gaps still remain in many different areas. Here is a great info graphic that was produced by the United Nations: Food and Agriculture Organization that highlight the gender gap in agriculture around the world.   

Online Tool Showing Gender Gap in Education World Wide (English, French, Spanish)

A new online tool highlighting the progress and pitfalls of girls' and women's education around the world.  Use this fun interactive tool to learn more about education in your own country. Try it with your own country first and then pick another one to compare. Learn about the gender gap in education in primary school, secondary school, high school and higher education.  Link: