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New Free E-Book on Fundraising Tips

THE FUTURE OF FUNDRAISING Sixteen leading nonprofit experts have come together to share innovative trends, non profit fundraising ideas, and best practices that will help nonprofits keep their supporters in focus in a new era of philanthropy. Download the eBook for fresh fundraising tips and ideas you can put into practice now!

Toolkits on Identification, Prevention and Caring for Children with Disability -- Guide for Community Workers, Parents and Health Workers

As a community worker, my focus is not limited to the person with disability only but to include the parents, relatives and the community as a whole. I want to see that everybody is involved in the development of a child -- which holds true in the saying "it takes a village to raise a child" and to see an inclusive community. One way to achieve that is through engagement of the community and education.

The Global Leadership Forecast 2014-2015 Report/Map

The Development Dimensions International, Inc (DDI) has compiled information from organizations from 48 different countries and compiled it into the Global Leadership Forecast 2014-2015. Within the report DDI has found some interesting information in regards to what the future of leadership looks like in business and organizations. Link:

The Female Face of Farming - Exploring the Gender Gap in Agriculture

Farmers. Workers. Entrepreneurs. Care-givers. Bread-winners. Bread-makers. Mothers. Wives. Daughters. Sisters Women wear a variety of hats in all countries. However, even though women have multi-faceted roles with their communities, gender gaps still remain in many different areas. Here is a great info graphic that was produced by the United Nations: Food and Agriculture Organization that highlight the gender gap in agriculture around the world.   

Online Tool Showing Gender Gap in Education World Wide (English, French, Spanish)

A new online tool highlighting the progress and pitfalls of girls' and women's education around the world.  Use this fun interactive tool to learn more about education in your own country. Try it with your own country first and then pick another one to compare. Learn about the gender gap in education in primary school, secondary school, high school and higher education.  Link:

Toolkit on Indigenous Women's Rights in Africa (English and French)

Forest Peoples Programme has created this toolkit to help indigenous women in Africa to better understand the African human rights system and how to use it effectively to secure their rights. The tool kit includes 11 different chapters (each one can be view on their site or downloaded as a pdf available in English and French). The resource link below will take you to the website where at the bottom of the page are links to each of the 11 different chapters. Click on the chaper and you'll be provided with links to the information in both languages. 

DR Congo Peace Building Organizations - Insight on Conflict

Interested in finding peace-building and conflict resolution organizations active in DR Congo? Insight on Conflict has created a list of a number of organizations that are local organizations, international organizations and international NGOs. Explore the site and find links to information about each one. Use the site to find more information or explore to find people in your community that you could connect with. Run an organization in the DRC? Use this tool to find others that you can partner with to make an even bigger impact. 

Young African Leaders Initiative

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) was launched by President Obama in 2010 to invest in the next generation of African leaders and to support young African leaders as they spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace and security across Africa. The YALI Network provides virtual resources to equip young African leaders with the skills and connections they need to foster change in their communities and their countries.

Global Network of Women Peace Builders (GNWP) Mapping Tool

Want to find more organizations near you with like-minded missions? The Global Network of Women Peace Builders (GNWP) has created a great mapping tool that shows all the different member organizations of the GNWP. You are able to select a specific country or region on the map and then zoom in to see all the different organizations near you that are also working towards building gender equity, peace and sustainability. 

UN Women Self-Paced Online Training

Explore a variety of online trainings provided by UN Women. Trainings cover a large number of relevant topics. Self-paced courses allow learners to access content at their pace, and from anywhere at any time. This type of course is interactive and can include video, audio or animations to enhance the learning experience.  These online trainings cover a large amount of different subjects, are free and are avaialbe in English, Spanish, and French.   

UN Women - Reports and Publications

UN Women has published and made public a large number of really interesting reports that are worth exploring. You can search through by geographically areas that the reports are about, by a specific country, or view reports by topics.  All of the reports are free and can be downloaded from the website. Also many of the reports are available in multiple languages including French and Spanish. 
Zimbabwean human rights defender Kuda Chitsike

Tools for Video Activists!

Witness is an international organization that trains and supports activists and citizens around the world to use video safely, ethically, and effectively to expose human rights abuse and fight for human rights change. The majority of the world’s population now has a camera in their pocket. People everywhere are turning to video to document and tell stories of abuse. But all too often, they are not filming safely or effectively, and their videos don’t make a difference.

New NTEN Issue on Digital Inclusion

The 17th issue of NTEN: Change covers a range of perspectives from those at the forefront of bridging the digital divide: schools, libraries, city governments, and nonprofit organizations.

LEAP Fellows Initiative

Overview LEAP Africa is delighted to announce its LEAP Fellows Initiative. The initiative is a 3 - 4 month professional fellowship for individuals with under 5 years post graduate experience who have a passion for leadership development in Africa. Details Description: Fellows will serve full-time at LEAP Africa located in Lagos, Nigeria working on issues centred on leadership, business development and social change. The initiative is designed to enable Fellows develop their leadership and research skills while sharing best practices.  
Building Peace Forum #PeaceTech

Building Peace Forum's #PeaceTech Issue is Live

The latest issue of Building Peace Forum, #PeaceTech, explores the potential—and limits—of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and other tools to positively influence peace and development. In our fifth publication, we look at the use of grassroots quantitative data gathering in Zimbabwe, the potential of online activism to connect local communities in Nigeria, and the story of how the “Facebook of Afghanistan” grew from a telecommunications company to an important pa

How to Host a "Local Pulse" Gathering in Your City

Are you interested in connecting further with World Pulse Community members in your area? Consider hosting a “Local Pulse” gathering! A gathering is a wonderful way to put faces to the names you’ve interacted with online, and to meet other like-minded people in your community.

Imagine Africa 500 Anthology

The Story Club Malawi, in partnership with Malawian publisher Panafrica Publishers Ltd., has announced an open submission for its upcoming anthology IMAGINE AFRICA 500. The anthology will collect short stories set in Africa in 2515: “We urge writers from all over the African continent and in diaspora to give us their dreams, their dreads, their hopes, their fictions about the future in Africa in 500 years from now.”

Applications Invited for United Nations Journalism Fellowships 2015

The Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Journalists is now accepting applications from professional journalists from developing countries for its 2015 fellowship program. The fellowships are available to radio, television, print and web journalists, age 25 to 35, from developing countries who are interested in coming to New York to report on international affairs during the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The Eve Chronicles by Diane DeVillers aka girlpower

Read my three books in "The Eve Chronicles" in paperback book by Diane DeVillers, you may know her as girlpower on worldpulse. Eve moves West and starts working as a forester in the Wallowa Mountains in Eastern Oregon. Join her in the journey of living in her tent in some of the most remote wilderness near the notorious 'Hell's Canyon. She lives in a camp of mismatched foresters doing timber inventory. Before too long Eve becomes known as "Queen of the comback"  It's the first book called "From the Waters of Coyote Springs"Eve is trying to find her place in the world.

A list of 50 Foundations Supporting Human Rights Projects

There are a number of international donors offering regular funding support to human rights projects. Here is a list of 50 Foundations supporting Human Rights Projects. Our Premium Donor Database stores 500+ foundations around the globe supporting human rights projects initiated by people in different sector and geographical regions. You can read more here: