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Resources for Women Human Rights Defenders (English, French, Spanish)

French: Cette compilation de ressources à l’intention des femmes défenseures des droits humains en situation de risque résulte d’une étude documentaire lancée par l’Association pour les droits de la femme et le développement (AWID) en collaboration avec la Coalition internationale des femmes défenseures des droits humains, en particulier avec son Groupe de travail sur les réponses aux appels urgents.

La collecte des fonds pour une transformation sociale

Google Translate: Collecte de fonds pour la transformation sociale : Un guide pratique pour les organisations des droits des femmes est un rapport écrit par le Fonds mondial pour les femmes qui décrit comment les organisations peuvent recueillir des fonds pour différents programmes et outils et la façon d'être plus efficace . Cela inclut comment étapes et des stratégies différentes organisations peuvent prendre .

Global Fund for Women Resource Page (French)

Google Translate: Le Fonds mondial pour les femmes a mis en place une page décrivant les possibilités de financement . La page fournit une grande quantité de ressources et de listes à d'autres organisations qui fournissent également des fonds et des ressources ainsi . Je espère que vous trouverez ce site utile et sommes en mesure de gagner un peu de nouvelles informations .

A Human Centered Design Toolkit

This toolkit looks at a guide to create a Human-Centered Design project. It is a step-by-step guide that will help you solve problems and ensure that humans are at the core of the project. The toolkit will help you brainstorm ideas and use collective action in order to create solutions.

Creating a Community Video for Social Change

Participatory video, a dynamic form of social change communication, is based on the understanding that collective processes of dialogue and action can help community members prioritize local needs and identify realistic solutions. 

Reinventing Social Innovation

Project Innovation is a teaching and learning resource to support the advancement of social innovation among non-profit organizations, charities, governmental agencies, and for-profit ventures that are working to improve the conditions and experiences of vulnerable populations. Individuals and communities who are self-advocating to improve their living circumstances will also find this resource useful. This website is filled with so much great information and tips and resources. I hope you find it interesting. 

Building Community through Child-Adult Partnership Toolkit

“The purpose of the Building Community toolkit is to equip youth and adult facilitators with a framework and specific tools to unleash the power of many diverse resources for positive community change.” This toolkit offers a variety of different activities and ideas on how youth and adults can come together in order to create social change. The toolkit offers ideas on how to create a community model, how to develop a plan, how to use community resources to their fullest potential and how to effectively collaborate with a youth-adult partnership. I hope you enjoy. 

Creating Social Change with Collective Action Toolkit (English, Spanish, Chinese)

This toolkit gives you a variety of different activities on how to create change through collective action. Within the toolkit you’ll find information about how to clearly establish your goals and what your group is trying to change. The toolkit offers great tips and advocate on how to create a strong group to create collective action by inviting and individuals with different skills in order to provide the group with different points of view. I hope you find this toolkit useful in trying to implement your own social change project!

Investing in Women - Economic Empowerment a Fundamental Human Right

This report discusses the need for women’s economic empowerment and how empowering women is a fundamental human right. Within the report are interesting facts and figures that show if you empower the women in any family that will have the greatest impact on a community. Women are often engaged in so many different aspects of life and are most often responsible for unpaid work and often can work up to 12 hours longer in any given week than men. I hope you find this report really informational. The graphics are really telling in this report.

A Guide to Women's Economic Empowerment - United Nations Foundation

A Roadmap For Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment was created in collaboration between the United Nations Foundation and ExxonMobil. This roadmap/guide includes an extensive amount of really great useful information on how to create economic empowerment in your community. This includes information on four different categories: (1) entrepreneurship, (2) farming, (3) wage employment, and (4) young women’s employment.

Women's Rights to Land and Other Resources - UN Women Report

UN Women has published this report about Women’s Rights to Land and other resources. This report includes information about implementing laws and adopting effective policies and how to ensure women’s rights are protected. I found the report really interesting and enlightening on this topic although it is a dense read.

How To Fundraise - Online Toolkit

Are you working with an organization that you are interested in raising funds for? Here is a great online toolkit that was developed by the nonprofit organization Mercy Corps. Included in this kit are a variety of different fundraising ideas of a large number of different events you can hold. The toolkit also included tips for fundraising online as well as how to handle donations. I hope you find this toolkit useful in your future fundraising endeavors. 

Help Needed in Nepal

I am writing to let you know about the emergency help we are trying to carry out in Makwanpur dsitrict of Nepal in order to help those mostly in need after they ost their homes during the earthquake last saturday. Some villages in teh north of the distrct were severy affected and aprat from hundreds of deaths, many people lost their homes or are to afraid to go back to homes that have been severly damaged. Most village homes are made of mud and stone, and now peopel are afraid to go back to their hoees for fear the might collapse any time.

Ecological Footprint Calculator - How Many Earths?

How many earths do you need to support your current lifestyle? The Global Footprint Network is a nonprofit organization established to enable a sustainable future where all people have the opportunity to live satisfying lives within the means of the planet. This organization does a variety of different projects and research.

Empower Women - Online Training Learning Center

Interested in how to empower women through your own personal story telling? Here is a great online training resource that was developed by Empower Women that gives you personal stories regarding a variety of different subjects including your personal self, money, business, products and people. Each of these online training modules has a variety of personal stories followed by some probing questions. I hope you’ll explore. 

Empower Women - Economic Empowerment Resources

Empower Women is an online community that provides information and resources to men and women in order to explore, create connections, start discussions and learn from one another. Empower Women has an extensive number of resources on their website which include information to a number of different reports regarding economic empowerment and cover a wide range of different topics. Some of these topics include policy, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and agriculture.

Creating A Social Enterprise Toolkit

Want to learn how to start your own small business? Here is a great toolkit that was developed in order to help you begin your own social enterprise. The toolkit goes through step-by-step guide on how to get started from exploring a business idea and business plan to how to structure your organization. Including in the toolkit is also a large section on financing your project followed by some great case studies. I hope you enjoy this toolkit and find it useful.  

The IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report: What's in it for Africa? (Toolkit on Climate Change)

Toolkit on how climate change is already being felt throughout Africa. Learn about some of the issues that are occurring and that will continue to occur if steps are not taken to address these issues. The report was developed by the IPCC and explores Africa-specific data, trends and analysis. This includes information about how there are opportunities for adaptation, mitigation and development.

Sustainable Development Adapting to Climate Change Toolkit

This toolkit was developed by the United Nations Development Program and offers information on how to design climate change adaptation projects. This toolkit is written for individuals who work at the national and local government, who work with NGOs, or those who work with grassroots movements.

Wildlife & Wildlands Toolkit USA

This is a great website with some amazing resources about information regarding different eco-regions through the United States. Follow the resource link and select a region that you live in or the region of interest. From there you can gain additional information, teaching materials, introductory videos and more. 

Girl's in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Strengthening girls’ involvement in STEM – an accelerator of sustainable development At the following link you will see an article about an event entitled “Women and Girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM): Progress, Challenges, post-2015 opportunities for furthering the goals of the Beijing Platform for Action.” which took place on March 9, 2015. This event was backed by a UNESCO sponsored report entitled "A Complex Formula: Girls and Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Asia"

Creating a Women's Empowerment Group (Toolkit)

I found this great resource that was developed by an organization in Uganda about how to build and create an economic empowerment group through bead making. The organization, Bead for Life, has developed their own materials about how to create this entrepreneurial group and have provided some great information about how to create your own bead making party in your community.