Advanced Digital Changemaking

(Formerly known as Voices of Our Future)

Advaned Digital Changemaking Title Photo. Groups of women happily access the internet on a laptop and a phone.

A great step toward becoming an Impact Leader!

Amplify Your Vision. Define Your Message. Become an InspiredLeader.

Do you have a strong vision for change that you are actively trying to bring to life? With World Pulse’s signature training program—now known as Advanced Digital Changemaking—you can learn digital tools to help share your vision and mobilize the world around it!

In this tuition-free, 3-month online course, you’ll work closely with leadership mentors and digital changemaking experts to focus and activate your vision for change, all while forming bonds of support and collaboration with fellow trainees from around the world.

You will also have the chance to be selected for an automatic placement in our new Impact Leaders program!

Applications for the 2017 session are closed. Please contact us at if you want to receive information about when ournext application period starts later this year, please write Advanced Training Application in your subject line.

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Digital Changemaking 101

Digital Changemaking 101 Title. Woman sits happily using a laptop.

Use the Internet to Change Lives, Including Yours.

This free three-module introductory training will teach you how to use online communities and digital tools to make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others.

In this course you will learn about:

  • Online resources
  • Sharing your own story, speaking up for yourself using your own voice
  • Connecting and engaging with an online community.
  • Internet safety.

All curriculum and communication will be delivered online, so you can complete this training in an internet café, a school computer lab, or even in your own living room.

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Other Resources

Title:  Digital Empowerment Trainer's Toolkit. Background Photo:  Three women look together at a laptop screen.

Teach Women in Your Community about the Benefits of Connecting Online.

With the Digital Empowerment Trainer's Toolkit, anyone can teach others how to use World Pulse to connect across borders and create social change.

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More Toolkits:

  • Safety & Security Online
  • Self Care
  • New Media & Online Activism

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