Module 1: Mapping the Possibilities, the Internet and Online Communities

Let’s get started!

Module 1 provides you with an introduction to digital media and how to use it for change. Once you complete this overview, you will continue to Modules 2 and 3, where you will find more opportunities to practice how to connect with a global community and mobilize for change.

This module will introduce you to the many possibilities you can find online, and inspire you to share your voice with a global audience!

In Module 1, you will:
  • Understand Online Resources to Help You Make Change

  • Understand Internet Safety

  • Connect and Engage with an Online Community

How Can the Internet Help me Make Change?

For the past two decades, the Internet has revolutionized access to information in many regions of the world. It is becoming an indispensable tool, though in many places there are still challenges for regular and widespread access.

What resources can you find and access online? Some are resources that might not be physically available in your community. Others might be local resources that you don’t know about. Instead of traveling to libraries, government offices, or theaters, you can connect to this enormous source of information anytime from a computer keyboard or through a mobile device.

The Internet gives you access to tremendous possibilities for person-to-person communication, and for enhancing your life and helping your community.

Some of the available opportunities are:

  • Skills development
  • Banking and finances
  • Education
  • News
  • Health information for individuals and families
  • Employment
  • Entertainment
  • Politics and policies
  • Online Communities
  • And many more. What would you add to this list?

Thinking Exercise:

  • What other helpful resources could you find online?
  • What challenges might come with the use of the Internet?