Amplifying Women’s Voices Will Help Solve the World’s Problems

Women have been consistently excluded from top economic and political decision-making positions, and their voices drastically underrepresented in all levels of society. But the global balance is shifting: women are starting to shape the future of our communities and nations more and more. In fact, most international institutions and organizations now agree that empowering women and girls is the fastest way to solve world problems. This new movement focuses on solutions rather than blame. It is a movement that’s already begun, and World Pulse is here to amplify voices around the globe. We all know that when we include women’s voices, it benefits our world.

Some of the women in our online community have found that when their voices are equally heard and supported in published stories—such as on the Global Issues Page of, or in the news—it can result in increased family and individual well-being, greater investment in education and healthcare, heightened economic growth, and access to jobs. It can even accelerate social change in their communities. With this comes stronger community networks, better environmental stewardship efforts, and a better democratic process, as well as arts, culture and creativity in their communities.

“If women’s participation is to be transformative, their voices need to be heard in a broad range of decision-making forums, from households to national parliaments.”

—The World Bank