Module 3

Grow Your Networks and Identify Your Resources

Welcome back to World Pulse’s Digital Empowerment Training! In Module 3, we will explore how to identify our resources and grow our online and local communities, so that we can make an impact. As we discussed in Module 1, many of us have resources that we might not even be aware of. Our life experiences, community, and family support shape us, enabling us to empower ourselves and others to create positive change. Our own VOICES and stories are powerful. They are our innate, natural and unique resources through which we can do amazing things! You likely have many other resources at your disposal. These resources are your assets. Assets could include anything from monetary resources to social resources. For example, your friends, family, and support networks might be assets. You also have intrapersonal resources, such as your creativity, your ability to navigate challenges, and your resilience.

Why is it important to identify our assets? Identifying our assets helps ground us in our own power. It helps us see and access the wealth of resources that every person has at their disposal, no matter who they are or where they live. Often times, we already have a lot of the things we need to help us find the solution to a challenge. Knowing what we have and how to put these resources to work can help us speed up change.