Identify Your Assets and Resources

All that you bring with you—all of your life and experience—can be a wonderful tool to help you achieve your goals.  And, of course, we can learn more! There will be many more tools that you learn along the way. For example, this Digital Empowerment Training provides an opportunity to broaden your assets and resources through digital media. It enables you to share issues affecting your local community and to amplify your voice in the global community.

Personal and Communal Assets

We all have personal and communal assets—resources that we can use to support our leadership growth. Some examples of personal assets include:

  • Innate talents, such as your outgoing nature, your creativity, or ability to connect with people
  • Your family and friends
  • The house/place you live in
  • The personal relationships you have in your community
  • Skills, such as public speaking skills, writing skills, or professional skills
  • Languages you speak
  • Community groups you belong to
  • Arts and crafts that you practice
  • Your job position
  • Any community leadership position you hold
  • The technical programs you know how to use
  • Digital empowerment skills

Some examples of community assets are:

  • Your neighborhood community center
  • Internet cafes
  • Public transportation
  • Houses of faith
  • Influential Community leaders
  • Cultural traditions and celebrations
  • Health centers
  • Schools
  • Natural resources

Read World Pulse community member Olutosin’s story and learn how she used her creativity and handiwork skills in Nigeria—together with an NGO in India and the support of World Pulse community members—to realize her vision to turn trash into treasure.

Today I woke up to six different items I made from trash and I jumped up screaming, “It is trash; And so what!” Your trash is my treasure. My personal experience and my relationship with my fellow women have given me a new “treasure lens” to appreciate everything; both human and object. The experience has created a new set of fingers for me, a new mind, a new way of thinking, a new approach, new diction, and new definition of beauty. My work with poor women would have been harder without any support if not for trash—the only free thing, affordable by anyone in the society.

—           Olutosin Adebowale | Nigeria. Read her full post here.