Sharing Assets and Resources with Online Communities

Once we identify our assets and resources, we might have a better idea of what we have and what we can share in order to achieve our goals. On World Pulse, you can post your needs for resources on our Resource Exchange page, and connect with women and allies around the world who have resources they can offer you! These exchanges can help you find and give the assets and resources you need to make the changes you want to see in your communities and in our world.

We have heard many amazing “exchange stories” from women in our community who have been able to share services and goods, search for jobs, and find funding opportunities, including grants, scholarships and microloans.

In Module 1, we shared Neema Namadamu’s story, one of our community members from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Neema was planning a training workshop on the rights of widows and orphans in her country, but she needed funding to make the event possible. So, she posted her need in the Resource Exchange. Neema shared the link of her post with people in her local, national, and international networks. Other community members helped her by also sharing it with their networks. In a matter of weeks, Neema had raised over $1300 for the event and raised awareness about the plight of widows and orphans in her community. She was able to make a huge difference with the support of the global community!

Go to Neema’s profile to read more about her, her contributions to our online community, and her extraordinary work.