Voices of Our Future 2012 Vision Mentors

We have launched our first ever World Pulse branded mentoring framework for Voices of Our Future! Building on the generous support and best practices of the Empowerment Institute, World Pulse worked with Ellen Wingard to design a methodology that is focused on creating a transformational partnership that champions, nurtures, catalyzes, challenges and supports Correspondents to achieve their visions for change. We are redefining the traditional notion of mentoring from "power bestowed" to "power from within" because we believe that each of us has what it takes to achieve our dreams within us. Thank you to all the professional women who are dedicating their time and passion to helping the next generation of grassroots women leaders succeed! 


Ellen Wingard

Correspondent: Parwana Fayyaz

Ellen Wingard is an early innovator in leadership coaching with 28 years experience working with emerging and senior leaders across the globe. She is dedicated to advancing and promoting the social and economic empowerment of women through social entrepreneurship, intergenerational mentoring and cross cultural partnerships. Ellen is on the faculty to the Institute for Women’s Leadership, a member of the Harvard Kennedy School Womens Leadership Board, author of Enlightened Power: How Women Are Transforming the Practice of Leadership and a board member of World Pulse. Ellen recognizes the power of the Voices of Our Future Program as a vehicle for transformational social change, the empowerment of grassroots leaders and mutual healing for all engaged across borders.


Kate Rivera

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Correspondent: Valeria Barbosa de Silva 



Catherine Fitzgerald

Correspondent: Sahro 



Patricia O'Connor

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Correspondent: ruthibelle 



Jane Wells

Correspondent: Maddy M. 



Sara Collins

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Correspondent: Stella Paul 



Kat Haber

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Correspondent: Duda 



Monica Lehner

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Correspondent: zoneziwoh 



Sarah Whitten

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Correspondent: Hummingbird 



Ann O'Fallon

Correspondent: katyrdz 



Ruth Beedle

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Correspondent: Neema

Correspondent: mlaphimon 



Robin Athey

Correspondent: treasureland



Carol Adams

Correspondent: Aliya Bashir 



Nancy Cosgriff

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Correspondent: Rahel Weldeab 



Christie Hardwick

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Correspondent: Celine 



Paulette Common

Correspondent: malba66 



Marta Williams

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Correspondent: Paulina Lawsin



Elaine Millam

Correspondent: Monica Clarke 



Eileen Page

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Correspondent: Chinemu 



Mary Bennett

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Correspondent: mirette 



Judy Kugelmass

Correspondent: MaDube 



Shirley Clark

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Correspondent: lymalin



Amy Kessel

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Correspondent: Ikirimat 



Mary Ann Morreale

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Correspondent: Okeny-Lucia 



Katherine Holt

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Correspondent: Usha KC 




Correspondent: redsbird 



Clarice Scriber

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Correspondent: nasreenamina 



Anjana Pursnani

Correspondent: Juliette Maughan 



Pat Finnegan

Correspondent: noreens



Virginia Williams

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Correspondent: amiesissoho