VOF 2016 - Introduction

Welcome to Voices of Our Future!

We are so happy to have you join us for this powerful online training. The course is designed to empower you with skills in using digital communication to increase your knowledge, voice your stories, articulate solutions, amplify your visions online, and gain the personal confidence to be an inspired leader in your own life – whatever that means to you. We also hope that you will build relationships with each other, your fellow participants, and develop a strong cohort of peers that will only grow after the training is over. Finally, this course will give you the skills to pass on what you learn here to other women in your community, so that they, too, can become change makers in their own worlds.

The mission of World Pulse is to accelerate the global changes women seek by using digital communication to unite and amplify women's voices, solutions, and impact worldwide. With a focus on grassroots women change leaders, our programs nurture community, provide media and empowerment training, and broadcast rising voices to influential forums.

The challenge worldwide is that women’s empowerment is not happening fast enough. The New York Times estimates that at the current rate, it would be 500 years before women achieve leadership equality around the world! Millions of women remain isolated and invisible without a forum for discussion or access to vital resources and information. The organizations that serve them also need to be more connected to harness their collective power. World Pulse’s solution is to use the power of digital media to link women change leaders throughout the globe and speed up the change. That’s where you come in. You can envision and voice solutions, and lead the change you wish to see in your life, community, and country. Others like you have gone on to have a tremendous impact. Such as:

  • Empowering 20,000 women and girls to end the practice of breast ironing in Cameroon;
  • Launching a Cyber Café in Congo, and igniting a movement of more than 200 women to develop a national action plan for peace;
  • Running for Parliament in the Philippines and Kenya, and training hundreds more women to follow in their footsteps;
  • Forging partnerships to activate 200 youth trainers in South Africa to teach nonviolence in schools;
  • Winning prestigious international awards, scholarships, and fellowships including at Stanford, Harvard, and Bryn Mawr;
  • Winning historic rulings for women’s land rights in Uganda;
  • And every VOF Graduate in the past few years has bridged the digital divide: Ninety women from 52 countries have trained 1,300 more local women in digital empowerment, all of them becoming web-savvy leaders for change.
Learning Objectives for Voices of the Future:

Over the next eight weeks, you will: