Module 4 Review and Resources

This week you will be refining your vision for change into a succinct message, your Elevator Pitch. This is a very challenging task, since we need to make sure that we are sharing the why, how and who of our vision for change in no more than 75 words. However, when we feel clear and confident about our message, we will be able to distribute it effectively through digital and offline channels that will inspire bigger audiences to take action and support us.

Mentor Check-In

This week is your opportunity to send your Elevator Pitch to your mentor to receive feedback and support in polishing your message. You could send the video recording of your pitch, or have a Skype conversation to and practice it out loud. Or you can ask you mentor for any other help you need.

Digital Skills Checklist:

_____ I know how to write and publish a concise Elevator Pitch.

_____ I know how to adapt my Pitch or story to my different online platforms.

_____ I know how to share posts and stories from one social network to another.

_____ I know how to use visual aids, images, audio, or multimedia to support my Elevator Pitch and my message.

Other Sites of Interest:

  1. Send video messages: SkypeVideo
  2. Post your videos: Vimeo, YouTube (and do not forget to share link on World Pulse)
  3. Join a new social network: Twitter, Linkedln, Facebook, Tumblr etc.
  4. Create a visual representation or infographic of your Elevator Pitch: Piktochart, Canva, and Venngage.
  5. Start saving links of interesting sites with social bookmarking: Google+, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest.

Thank you for completing Module 4 of Voices of Our Future!