Module 5 Assignments

Assignment 1:

Create a Resource Map, and follow the process for strategizing the best use of resources that is outlined earlier in this module. Consider the Thinking Exercise below:

Thinking Exercise:

  • What resources do you have that most surprised you?
  • Did you come up with any new ideas for how you can use your existing resources more creatively, for greater impact?
  • What is the one resource you don’t have that if you prioritized, would have the biggest and quickest impact?
  • Where could you go to find the resources you’ve prioritized as most important in your next steps?
Step 1: Resource and Assets Mapping

Part A: Please complete the Resource Inventory, this will be your "Master List", and fill out the Resource Strategy form. Know that you will most certainly change and alter these lists as you go forward in the future, and simply fill them out to the best of your ability with what you know right now. These activities will become tools for you, and will support both your vision for change and your upcoming Digital Action Campaign Proposal with clear strategies. Think about what you learned about the resources you think you will need to reach your goal. Consider the questions in the thinking exercise when reflecting about your assets.

Part B: Use writing, graphic images, a poem, a photo, or a quote that represents one of the personal or community resources you are most proud of to create a post on the Virtual Classroom. Please post your comment before 30 March 11:59 p.m. and label it, “VOF Resources.” Then, please read and comment on at least one other training participant’s post.

Connect with your mentor: Share what you learned about the resources you think you will need to reach your goal. Consider the questions in the thinking exercise above. Please share whatever strategies you might be able to put in place to help you develop the resources you need. We hope you will discuss some great strategies for both using and sharing resources.

A Note for Future Assignments: With each module, you are developing ideas and creating the concrete building blocks of your final Digital Action Campaign Proposal. So far, you have a story, a vision, and a strategy for how to use resources or gain additional resources to help mobilize your vision for change. You might consider starting to talk with your mentor about how you see a Digital Action Campaign starting to shape up!

Note: Save your lists and visual representations of resources and strategies in a safe place for you to build upon and refer to during the rest of this training program. Next, we will explore more ways to help you reach your goals.

Optional Assignment:

Look through our Resource Exchange site by picking a topic that you are interested in. Search for all the offers and needs people are posting around this topic.

Consider: what are some resources that you can offer to the community? Are there any resources that people are offering that will support your vision for change? Post an offer on our Resource Exchange.

Consider: what are some of the resources this community could help connect you with? This can be an opportunity to post your Elevator Pitch, along with an image and ask for a specific need or collaboration. Post a need on our Resource Exchange.