Module 7 - Creating a Digital Action Campaign

We are very excited to have you join us for this important module. Module 7 brings together much of what we have done so far. Each of you will design your own plan for a “Digital Action Campaign” that you can pitch to the World Pulse team, and can use to expand your impact locally and globally. Module 7 also invites you to take action on issues that you are passionate about, by taking part in other people’s campaigns.

When we use our digital communities to inspire others, we can reach more people, collaborate, and speed up change. And when we participate in changes others envision that we are also passionate about, we amplify their impact as well. This empowers us all, and leads to positive change around the world.

In this module, we will also introduce you to a wide variety of online resources that you can use to create digital campaigns, and to reach larger, global audiences. And, we will share some amazing stories of World Pulse community members who have created successful campaigns and instigated amazing things. Every change -- big or small -- is important, and when shared leads to a more equitable and empowered world.

Learning Objectives for Module 7:

You will:

  • Learn the key elements of a successful digital campaign for change.
  • Strategize the best media elements to use for your own vision and region.
  • Create a plan for a Digital Action Campaign that you can use in the future.
  • Learn about digital resources that can help you amplify your vision.