Suggested Activities

The following are some suggested activities to apply your new skills and knowledge. They are not required!

  • Explore Reporters Without Borders and other sites that monitor the conditions of press freedom. Write a journal entry about the situation in your country. What are the laws about blogging? What is the climate like for dissenting journalists? What are your fears? Which countries have the worst track record for restricting press freedom?
  • Map out your support network. What friends, family members, coworkers, colleagues, neighbors can you turn to for emotional support and to help publicize your work? What are five local or international organizations that would be sympathetic and responsive should you experience threats or censorship?
  • Create an action plan. Should you be harassed or pressured by family, community members or political figures to discontinue coverage of an issue, who would you contact first? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your support network? How capable would they be to spread the word and mobilize a response?
  • Create a Personal Emergency Plan.. If you are detained, do you have an emergency plan? Have you identified the people in your network who you would want contacted (Emergency Response Circle)? Do you always tell someone where you are going? We suggest you identify a safe person in your network who you will tell when you go out on an interview, who you update on what stories you are covering, and who has a copy of your personal emergency plan. Things to include in this plan would be the names and phone numbers of local or international organizations that might assist you, your emergency contact person in the case you are involved in an accident, etc.
  • Reach out and connect with two PulseWire members who could add new strengths to your network.
  • Change one of your passwords and test its strength here.
  • Download or update anti-virus software on your home or work computer.