Module 4: Multimedia Storytelling

Watch Me Change the World: A multimedia storytelling guide for citizen journalists

The goal of this module is to equip you with the basic skills, knowledge and tools in photo and video journalism, to enable you to support your written work, bringing your voice and the voices in your community to a larger audience.

By the end of this module you will understand:

  • How multimedia can amplify your voice and support your social activism work
  • Safety, security and ethical issues
  • The basics of multimedia storytelling
  • An overview of basic equipment
  • Specific tips and advice for putting together video and photo slide-shows
  • Tips for overcoming IT challenges
  • Distribution and promotion

Once you have finished reading the materials and watching the sample multimedia stories, you should feel prepared and excited to get started on your own assignment. You will be creating a short, 2-3 minute video or photo slide-show—we have suggested some specific topics in the assignment page. There is a lot of new material to read and to learn about in this module, so take your time.

We do not expect you to come away from this module knowing everything there is about video and photo slide-shows, or be able to produce a high-quality piece just yet. What we want to do is introduce you to the basic knowledge, skills and tools that will increase your ability to promote your vision and drive global conversations.

This module was made possible thanks to the generous support of our program parnter Sehrish Shaban, and VOF graduates Sapna Shahani, Fungai Machirori and Shekina.