Voices of Our Future Winter 2016

It is with great pleasure that the World Pulse team welcomes 30 women leaders to participate in Voices of Our Future!

Starting on 22 February, 2016 these 30 women leaders, representing 21 countries, will take part in our 2-month-long leadership and advanced digital empowerment training, Voices of Our Future.

Each of these changemakers brings with her a wealth of leadership skills, in addition to visions and solutions for change in her community.

Please take a moment to get to know each of these women leaders by clicking on her profile below—and make sure to follow their journey over the next two months.

Meet this Winter's 2016Voices of Our Future Leaders:

Afymab | DRC


"As a journalist and communicator, I took to heart to use my knowledge and experience to show the world what is happening to women in my country and make a change for their benefit."

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Amalie | Australia


"I have a dream. My dream is to help the people in my hometown as much as I can using the skills that I have and learning new ones in order to provide them with a better pleasant life. My dream is not only to help educate the women to be able to find work, but also the kids and elderly."

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Anita | Uganda


"I am a human rights activist who has been working with national non-governmental organisations for the last 7 years. As a human rights lawyer and activist I have worked with marginalized communities, commercial sex workers, and informal sector workers."

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Arrey | Cameroon


"My biggest challenge right now is creating awareness and changing mindsets of people concerning sickle cell disease sufferers in my community... My wish is to one day make this a national awareness platform and if possible, team with others to bring it to the fore."

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Bella Bee | Pakistan

Bella Bee| Pakistan

"To achieve my vision I believe that by empowering women with adequate knowledge and skills the socio-economic status of women can be enhanced."

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Blanch | Philippines

BLANCH1981| Philippines

"I always dream to live in a community that will respect women and children. A community that will not take for granted opinions and perspectives of women and children. A community that will allow women to express themselves and does not look at her expressions as a manifestation of weakness and feebleness."

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Carolyn | Nigeria

Carolyn Seaman| Nigeria

"I am from Nigeria; a trained lawyer and gender specialist who has engaged almost a decade's experience in advocacy, gender mainstreaming and gender security, adolescent girls' and women's empowerment as well as a cinematographer and producer of documentaries around girls and women's stories."

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Chris | Philippines

chris sibugon| Philippines

"I dream for a world where girls and women are able to have a meaningful participation in shaping their future and that of their communities.I hope to be an effective advocate, empowering other women to empower those who feel voiceless. I aim to develop a campaign that brings together women and like-minded men to contribute their skills and resources in building the capacities of girls and women from marginalized sectors."

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Eatladi | Botswana

EATLADI | Botswana

"My main interest is our children and young adults who are in these times exposed to many influences from different people and environment. I want to be able to build a nation full of strong, loving, caring, happy and outspoken children who are not afraid to voice their concerns and confident enough to do what they aspire."

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Elvire | Cameroon

Elvire| Cameroon

"I dream of a world where gender bias is not an issue, where people are not welcomed, accepted, or challenged on the basis of their gender. My talents and creativity are currently being invested to build communities where ignorance and dominion are no longer weapons of control, where access to information of vital importance is made possible to all."

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Emergentcorp | Belize


"My passion is for social justice, empowerment of women, and building economic independence of people of black African descent in a society that respects the contribution of each and every individual, regardless of what they do and their station in life."

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Emily Miki profile image

Emily Miki | Cameroon

Emily Miki| Cameroon

"I am most passionate about ending suffering by eradicating poverty in the local communities. I am strongly engaged in creating opportunities that empower youths and women financially, educationally, and morally."

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Emmanuella | Nigeria

Emmanuella Akinola | Nigeria

"Through my organization, Disability Awareness and Development Initiative (DADI), I am supporting people with disabilities by building their capacity to engage policy makers and influencers. I am also promoting the teaching of sign language in primary and secondary schools to break communication barriers between the deaf and other members of the society."

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GetRude | Zimbabwe

GetRude| Zimbabwe

"I am a sole mother to a beautiful soul!I am moved to reach out and start support groups for sole mothers.A network of women from different professions can make this a reality. I am passionate at what I do; that is half the battle won."

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Gladys Muthara| Kenya

"My passion is informed by two quotes: 'A child without education is like a bird without wings' (Tibetan Quote) and 'the agenda of women & girls empowerment is universal; everyone has a role to play.'"

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Kirthi | India

Kirthi Jayakumar | India

"I run the Red Elephant Foundation—an initiative for civilian peacebuilding through storytelling. I enjoy art and writing fiction. I hope someday that the world will be an arena beset with Gender Equality, and until then, the fire in my stomach will continue to burn."

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Kujamac12 | USA

Marie-Claire Kuja | USA

"I envision a future where women and girls are no longer pushed back and regarded as tools or mere child-bearing machines, but take their stand and are empowered to take their rightful positions as the world changers they are."

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Lady Dynamite | Zimbabwe

lady dynamite | Zimbabwe

"I am a 24-year-old lady whose passion for women's empowerment is beyond fanaticism.I believe every woman (from all walks of life) has an inborn trait of contributing to the success of their nation and the world as a whole."

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Maria | Bolivia

Maria Pena | Bolivia

"I was born and raised in La Paz, Bolivia.I come from a small but very supportive family, where my mom raised my two brothers and me as a single parent. Poverty is the biggest challenge in my community, especially among women, who are continuously discriminated and limited to their basic civil rights."

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Mkandeh | United Kingdom

Mkandeh| United Kingdom

"I am a journalist, writer, and gender equality and women's rights campaigner.Writing is my passion and I use my pen/keyboard to highlight the many issues affecting women and childrenwherever they are."

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Nana-Adjoa | Ghana

Nana Amponsah | Ghana

Nana's dream is to grow young women agripreneurs who will power Ghana's economy, grow healthy foods and wealthy farmers.She strongly believes that Agriculture is one single sector that can help reduce five of the world's most pressing problems which are unemployment, food insecurity, poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

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Nelly | Mexico

Nelly Andrade | Mexico

"I am from Mexico. This a phrase that at least most of my friends and my close community are very proud of. As Mexicans and Latinos, we are constantly described as very happy people, with a free and energetic spirit with tons of hopes and dreams to come true."

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Omoy | Jamaica

Omoy K. Williams | Jamaica

"It's my vision to create media content that will not only inspire and educate but break stereotypes. In my effort to do so, I hope that I am able to address important social issues that will ignite change."

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Raquel | Nigeria

Raquel Jacobs | Nigeria

"I am passionate about improving education and have worked with different public schools in Nigeria, helping the children learn beyond the four walls of their classroom. My dream for the future is for every disadvantaged child in Africa to have access to quality education."

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Samia | Syria

Samia Al Sayed | Syria

"My big dream is to see my lovely Syria cured from the trouble it lives under and that all people come back to their homes to rebuild their cities in a newly modern green way.I hope to see women play huge roles in the community and lift the motto 'Nothing for us without us'."

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Sherna Alexander 

Trinidad and Tobago

Sherna Alexander Benjamin |Trinidad and Tobago

"My vision for the future is to have communities where women and girls can thrive, experience personal safety, and be strategic planners and instruments of change for sustainable development."

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Sister Zeph | Pakistan

Sister Zeph | Pakistan

"My dream is to share my story with the women of the whole world, because when I started teaching girls, I was a teenage girl, I was poor, I did not have schooling, I did not have money to meet the expenses, I did not have any source, I did not have a moral support from anyone. I kept working day and night I educated myself and kept sharing my education with women of my surroundings."

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Sumera | U.A.E

Sumera Reshi | United Arab Emirates

"I am hopeful that someday I can be an active agent of change for women in Kashmir. I dream of peaceful Kashmir where women have no threat either from the militant organizations or from the armed personnel."

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Urmila | India

Urmila Chanam | India

"I often tell my friends that the only difference between an empowered woman and another is the ability to talk about our problems and reach out for help."

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Yvoneakoth | Kenya

yvoneakoth | Kenya

"One dream I have for my community is the social and economic empowerment and development of women in my community. My dream is to empower thousands of women with skills; knowledge and information that will enable themto live a life free of violence."

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