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Cecille Pauline YLLANG Sanglap Montenegro
Posted December 19, 2017 from Philippines

April 2017, I set up Empowerment Through Art (ETA) after my advance digital change-making training in World Pulse. ETA is an awareness and fund-raising campaign for Batis-AWARE, and for aspiring artists. It gives art workshop and art therapy for distressed women victim-survivors of all forms of human rights violations, especially the migrant women workers all over the world.

As an artist, my personal experience in painting helped me continue to survive life. Painting is my meditation, diary, and my main weapon in amplifying women’s voice. I use my imagination and creativity using social artistry to create an impact and be a voice for the voiceless women in our society.

I paint what’s on my mind and in my heart. My interest in and work on women and children’s empowerment concepts inspired me to create artworks out of the stories of women in my organization. Through my artworks, I want to make public the voices of migrant women and their children, and testify to the issues that affect them but which the general public does not know fully about.

I also create out of frustration that I am poor and lack knowledge in painting. Because of this, I want to improve my craft so that I can also teach low-income people who cannot go to art school but have the talent and creativity. This is my way of helping them find their voice so that they can raise awareness for the problems affecting them, especially women and children from poor communities. I always want to develop my self as an artist and leader.

Currently ETA is working in collaboration with other organizations and communities, to continue amplify their issues through ART.

As Pablo Picasso says “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary” Everyone has a right to express their feelings, to tell stories to the world, to create impact and action to create change, to make the world into a better place. - YLLANG

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