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The Power of 12: The Artists and their creations

Cecille Pauline YLLANG Sanglap Montenegro
Posted May 18, 2018 from Philippines
ETA Magazine
Thinking Lady 1
Thinking Lady 1: Painting created by: Aljay Andrew Montenegro Oil on 9x12 inch canvas 2018(1/9)

Empowerment Through ART: The group are aspiring artists, truly motivated and involved in the society where artists can be an agents of change! We are not just empowering and raising funds for our communities, but also empowering each artists in raising awareness for change in our society. There is no other way but to feel the love and passion of these artists; engaging, dynamic and empowering!

Currently the paintings are exhibited at University of the Philippines, to raise awareness and fund for Homenet Producers Cooperative and Batis- AWARE.


ALJAY: Tatoo Artist, Painter, Loving Father, BMX extreme rider. Aljay Andrew Montenegro is a Self-taught painter, Artist at Black Dragon Tattoo. Aljay keeps on developing his skills so he can share it to others who dreams of becoming an artist. “I paint to enhance my skills. I offer my art to everyone who has an open mind about it. I am thankful to everyone who believes in my craft, to people who supports and believes in me. I feel empowered being surrounded with other artists.”

ANTHONY: Painter, Creator, Nurse, Moriones. Anthony or Thonix is a great believer of the saying “Don’t paint what you see but paint what you want to see.” Thonix wants all his ideas come from a creative thinking and nothing that materializes from a photograph. He is an expert and teacher.  

ELVIN: Artist, Father, Salesian Cooperator, Choir Member, Book Cover Designer. Elvin is a passionate artist, His digital work have been published in several textbooks for school consumption. He is continuing to explore the world of pointillism and caricature, one of is unique ways of enhancing his artworks. “I paint for my kids, parents and sibling. I offer my artwork to Emerae, Anneli, Deo and Char. I am thankful for the gift that I share with my supportive friends and for the opportunities provided by my superior.”

JONA:  Accountant, Self-Expressionist, Artist, Family Oriented. Jona is an aspiring nude portraitist, She tries to expose her own complicated self and found this enthralling experience to show a woman’s equal “I paint mainly for self-expression, to reveal my true self, to overcome the fear of being judged. I offer my painting to those who feel worthless. I am thankful for the past toxic relationships, because of them I learned how to stand for myself, to be strong and fierce.”

LAURA: Economist, Visual & cake artist,Wife & (Stage) Mom, Women’s Rights Through Art Advocate. Laura is a self-taught watercolorist, acrylic painter, cake artist. Treasurer of KASIBULAN (Kababaihan sa Sining at Bagong Sibol na Kamalayan) and Member, International Watercolor Society–Philippines, United Artists: Realist Movement and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)-SPC Art Club. “Art for me is a creative channel. I am able to express myself freely and wholeheartedly. I am happy to be able to use the creativity that God has given me and share this to family and friends, and now to my art clubs and advocacy groups.“ Laura reaches out to communities and actively participates in advocacy groups via art.

NOVA: Women’s Rights Advocate, Painter, Mother, Manager. Nova is a volunteer artist at Linangan ng Kulturang Pilipino and Batis-AWARE. Her paintings symbolizes women, children, nature and depicts different emotions. “Painting is my saving grace, I paint to tell stories. I offer my art to my family and friends who stood still and choose to run free; I am thankful for the gift of life, for all the pain, struggles and blessings, it made me stronger than I thought I was. I am grateful to share my talent, to continue to be an inspiration to others.” Nova is a reminder that life is colorful and meaningful  when you refuse to sink.

SHEBA: Associate Consultant on Sustainability, True-blue Tree hugger, Serial Volunteer, and a Dedicated daughter. She Ba or Shiela Basoc was born and raised in Davao City.  She Major in Ecology in UP Mindanao, and went on to continue this fascination with nature through pursuing a career in Sustainability.  To balance the technicalities of the job, she started to delve in the arts.  She dreams of settling in the mountainside, with her art, her business, her organic garden, her man, kid and her dog. "I am on a mission to create a life that is true and pleasing to my soul and to God. Constantly, I am in search for that alignment. My journey to art has started with the realization that I need to use and develop whatever talent God has gifted me.  And I am thankful for the opportunity of time and space, that I am able to expand it.”

WENZEL: Pharmacist, Artist, Spiritual, Dreamer, Friend. Wenzel or Jzel is Pharmacist by profession but her passion is painting. She never gave up on painting, and now that her dream of becoming an artist came true, she is planning to start sharing her skills and learnings to others. “I paint to fulfill my dreams. I offer my every day art to the Almighty who gave me such talent. I am thankful for the over flowing support of my family and friends.”

YLLANG: Changemaker, Painter, Mother & Wife, Women and Children’s Rights Art Activist. Cecille or Yllang is Self-taught painter and book illustrator,  Batis-AWARE president and Empowerment Through Art (ETA) founder. She use art to promote awareness and change in the causes and issues she strongly believe in. “Every day is like a ritual, I offer my creations to all women and children who are becoming stronger day by day. I am thankful that the Almighty gave me such resource where I can use to inspire, teach and share to everyone who have not reached their full potential.” Yllang brought colors in the lives of women.

ZA Z: Changemaker, Mixed media artist, Writer, Researcher, Haribon Foundation Volunteer. Riza or Za Z is currently pursuing her love for arts and creative endeavors. Her artwork comprises nature, environment and courageous Filipina's in pursuit of peace, happiness, compassion and Justice. “I create artwork for my mother, she is my driving force, I offer my creations to all women, mothers, teachers, writers and leader who support women to become empowered. I am thankful to God for my family, friends and fellow artists working together so women can be heard.”

Seth Segovia, Sheila Basoc and Cecil Tan are new in the team with amazing stories.   







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  • jlanghus
    May 19
    May 19

    Hi Yllang. How are you doing? Thanks for sharing the short bios of the 12 amazing and passionate ETA artists. I wish I could see their artwork:)

  • Hi Jill, 9 artworks are here posted as pictures. pls. check it out :) tnx

  • jlanghus
    May 20
    May 20

    Wow. I'm glad I said something. Those are amazing. I didn't realize they were there:) Thanks for including them and letting me know. I love the Ursula one. Well, they're all great... Have a good one!

  • Thanks Jill, all the paintings are for Sale and 50% of the proceeds goes to B-AWARE and YOGHI :) . You can share the pictures, and can sell it. Thank you.

  • jlanghus
    May 22
    May 22

    Oh:) Okay. Let me share the link on my Twitter and FB then, and let people know that they are for sale. You're welcome:)

  • Olutosin
    May 20
    May 20

    Keep on rising with others, my creative friend and sister.

  • Thank you sister Olutosin, same to you <3

  • QueenVirtuous
    May 21
    May 21

    Hi Cecille Pauline, 

    I admire your work and the passion that you pour into it. Art has always been a very effective way of passing a message across and connecting emotionally with those for whom the artwork is created. Art is powerful. And I love that these ETA artists are taking advantage of the power of art to raise awareness about important issues in the society and also raise funds to tackle some of those issues without waiting for the government. 

    I enjoyed reading their bios. It gave me a peek inside the minds of the artists, and I came off feeling empowered. They are truly passionate about what they do. 

    I also enjoyed looking at their artwork. Such creativity in the use of brushes and choice of colours. I took away with me so many messages from those artworks. I love art. 

    I look forward with much pleasure and expectation to what you and the artists will be doing next. You're achieving so much at such a young age! You are yourself a woman of strength. 

    Keep it up, Pauline. Much love from me, from all of us here, to you and the young ETA artists. 

  • Hey Queen, your a real Queen!

    Thanks for appreciating, I will surely share more updates here, also you we can connect thru FB and  IG: Empowerment Through ART / YLLANG Montenegro .

    Thank you and all the artists are surely young at heart! <3 

  • QueenVirtuous
    May 21
    May 21

    Oh, thanks for sharing your social media pages! Connecting right away. And thanks for the compliments. XOXO

  • Sophie Ngassa
    May 24
    May 24

    Hello Cecille, Thanks for your updates. Your creativity is amazing and your paintings really raise awareness on pertinent issues. Financial freedom gives power!

  • Hello, Yllang,

    You really are a changemaker. I love that you are focused in creating artworks to support your advocacy. I look forward to joining you in the future. Congrats to you and your team!

  • Veronica Ngum Ndi
    Jul 18
    Jul 18

    Hi Cecille

    This is awesome.Your story is so empowering.In Cameroon very few women are into arts work. They think its a men thing and shy away.I will share your story with the women with disabilities I lead to inspire them