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mohammed abdulrahime
Posted December 23, 2010 from Sudan

About Me: Peace be upon you and Almighty God's mercy and blessings be upon you My name is Mohammed Abdul Rahim live Sudan in the city of Omdurman I finished high school two years ago I could not continue my studies because of the conditions of the material ordered by I want to study medicine and I can thank God that retrieved the passport, but I could not I am doing something I do I send this letter could not help me I have another problem accent by Sudan I was studying in Saudi Arabia, but there are English weak in the level so when I came to Sudan, I could not outgrow Ajidha well and I hope that you help me with this problem of this letter sent to you out of that and thank you Tsadoni With regards: - Mohammed Abdul Rahim This phone and my father 00249915178379 However, you may contact me on you to use your e-mail my

My Areas of Expertise: Medicine

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