Reflecting on Marianne Williamson powerful poem ‘Our deepest fear’, she wrote: ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?’

I easily connect this poem to my beautiful country Tanzania, also known as Authentic Africa-the Land of Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar Island. My country posses a land of riches untold; Diamonds, gold, Tanzanite (only found in my country)and many valuable gemstones, vast and fertile land, huge number of National parks, amazing water bodies, the riches of my country goes on and on! But, the sad part is this very same country is ranked amongst the poorest country in the world! What a contradiction uh!

One may ask, how come? ‘My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge’(the Bible); given my country’s history: from colonialism to ‘Ujamaa’ – socialism, where democracy and right of choice and individual opinion was not there, then the introduction of democracy where now people are encourage to think independently and engage into global competitive market, but since their minds are used to directions and move as a group, it’s now challenging to make them believe that they have what it takes to change our environment for better.

The poem end says, ‘And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others’.

With Mindset stagnation and zero confidence to do great things amongst my people; I have chosen to let my own light shine for I believe I posses knowledge needed, I have noticed the difference and I have a big confidence in my people, especially in the life of a woman, starting with a girl child- the foundation of the promising future.I do this through Mentorship, public speaking, radio shows, pesornal development trainings and my writings.

Only developed people can develop a Nation, i.e. no amount of genius strategies will bring change if people are not ready. With PulseWire and other online communities bringing the world as one village, I see my community rising above the prevailing challenges, learning from others and grow.

With Youth as my target group, to them social media and online communities happens to be the ‘in thing’, ‘coolest’ fascination and the ‘hippest’ place to be. So I choose to be cool with them and together we are surfing on the wind of knowledge while transforming their mind and creating champions in them, the future hope. Doing it their style! Together; we are kicking mediocrity away and welcoming mind empowerment for all.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Challenges and Solutions to Creating Change.

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Thank you for this submission!!! Your entry is inspiring to me. I did not know about the poet and it is something i love and have learned about through you!!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and voice with us.

Stay strong, confident and powerful. You are surely on the path of success!!!

Blessings, Mia

Hi Mia,

I am Happy to know you are insipired, this poem spoke to my life sometimes back and ever since my encounter with it i have never been the same, quite an insiparation!

I am happy we get to learn and grow together in this community informning and alerting each other.

Blessings your way too.

I am because we are :-)

You are a great writer as well. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring piece.

For all of life is like that race with ups and downs and all. And all you have to do to win is rise each time you fall. “Quit! Give up! You’re beaten!” They still shout in my face. But another voice within me says “GET UP AND WIN THE RACE!” DH Groberg

Hi Laughterlove,

Thank you for the compliment, I do hope to learn more and grow even further here at Worldpulse, seeing life through women eyes is motivating and the stories around here are amazing.


I am because we are :-)

This is my favorite poem! I am so excited to see it here, Nelson Mandela among others have quoted it in their speeches, truly moving. Thank you for sharing your light with the world, you have motivated me!

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

I love the poem so much too,

It has also been used in the most insipiring movies like 'coach carter' and 'Akeelah the spelling bee', such an amazing poet uh!

I am glad you are motivated by my writing.

I am because we are :-)

Hi Abella,

Thanks for sharing it! Your writing is full of motivation.....I love it!

With all my loves, Sarvina

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

Thank you Sarvina,

It is real humbling to know that my writing could insipire someone somewhere across the globe.

Let's all keep the fire burning to reach even more that what we think we can.


I am because we are :-)

Bless you Abella!

I kept nodding and agreeing with you all the way while I read. I was captivating and thought provoking. You are Super!

Glad to be able to read your work and looking forward to see more of your work.

Warm regards Amei

Hi Amei,

You dont know how encouraging it is for my writng to speak to someone I have never met before and this individual to be in agreement with my trend of thoughts and how I do things to bring about change.

You give me more streanght to do even more.

Thank you for appreciating my writing.

I am because we are :-)

Thank you Ghaidaa,

I guess those who went before me released enough insipiration for me to be insipired...:)


I am because we are :-)

Dear Abella, How amazing you relate the poem to the situation of your country.I am a poet and im so honoured to meet such a courageous woman and who speaks clearly.I can hear you loud and clear.Very well said,very inspiring post! I will surely look on the poem and the author :)

God bless you.

Airyn Lentija-Sloan

Hi dear,

I enjoy reading different types of poem, i believe they carry an amazing imagination that forces one to think beyond normal things we see. I am thankful to hear that my writing is clear...this means alot to me.

Much blessings your way too.

I am because we are :-)

Hi Frederica,

I believe each one of us has a little light and we can all choose to shine it through to bless others.

Thank you so much for appreciating me.


I am because we are :-)

Once we all have a better dream, we must put it to a challenge, let us all make our dreams a reality .The dream is just a beginning, Have a lovely day, Frederica,

Y'ello, This my new email address note that freddygibs is no longer my email address as it was hacked, Frederica,

Dear Abella,

It is wonderful to see you shining through to your community! I lived in Arusha, Tanzania just a few years ago. It is indeed a beautiful country filled with beautiful people. We had conversations about just that which you describe, people being reluctant to be creative or think independently, but how that is beginning to change. That poem is also one of my favorites. It reminds me to have the courage to shine. I also admire the sense of community that many Tanzanians have held onto. One of my good friends there said, "We may go slowly, but we go like this -" and he stretched out his arms wide! I will never forget that. I also love a song by Eric Wainaina and Oliver Mtukudzi called "Twende Twende." (Let's go!) Have you heard it? It's about this very topic, about moving forward, but also inspiring others, which it seems like you are doing. Keep shining your light, Abella!

Dear Sarah,

It is so thriling to know that you understand the situation which i write from, wow! Arusha is one of the beautiful cities in my country, I am glad you can relate!

Yes it is true, though challenging but moving forward is not an option but a requirement, and me and my people must.

Taratibu lakini tutafika(that is swahili meaning- though slowly but we will arrive)

I dont know that song preciselly but i know the singers you have mentioned and it true Twende Twende means lets go...:-)

Real nice to hear from you.

Karibu tena Tanzania(welcome again in Tanzania)


I am because we are :-)

Dear Abella,

I love the quote you chose for this posting! It is such an inspiring one, and it is so relevant to this wonderful community of women on WorldPulse.

I absolutely adore your ideas for how to use WorldPulse to achieve your goals. By utilizing this online tool, you will definitely encourage the attention and participation of youth, and they are so frequently the key to promoting change. Their awareness and education is essential in instigating a shift in our societies.

Well done, I look forward to reading more from you!


A friend here at worldpulse has a quote saying; "One shoe can change a life"...Cinderella

I have been thinking of it today and i realised one does not have to wait to be so wise, or have a lot of money, or have more than one degree to bring about start with what you have in your possession then the rest will unfold as they continue each day, all it need is just a shoe...and this is what my focus, ask individuals to use whatever they posses in their skills, knowlwdge as per the environment surounding them...then slowly moving from a level to another beter level. Once we just trust in ourselves and what we carry within us is when we realise we are powerfull beyond measure.

Thank you for appreciating my ideas and have confidence in my goals.

Much blessings.

I am because we are :-)

This is a lovely essay Abella! Your joy and passion is very clear in your writing. Also, it seems like you have a good sense of how new media and the Internet appeal to young people. Tanzania has a special place in my heart. I have visited a few times and have friends in Dar Es Salaam. I see a lot of hope in your idea of investing in young people - another valuable resources in your community!

Keep it up. Sarah

I am glad you enjoyed reading my entry..:-)

It is really good to know that you are familiar with the background I write from.

Young people are my motivation, I love the way they are just receptive and seeing briliance erupting from them always makes my doings worthwhile.

Welcome to Tanzania again anytime I also live in Dar es salaam.

Much Blessing.

I am because we are :-)