My heroes

Posted October 25, 2010 from Tanzania
  1. Jesus Christ of Nazareth- In his human capacity and his visionary focus, his character and boldness and sense of perserverence towards accomplishment of his vision that he treasured so dearly. 2.My biological Father- out of his love and example I have become what he believes on me and more, he is such a great example to follow.
  2. Mother Theresa- Who gave untill her last breath. 4.Julius Kambarage Nyerere- The Founding Father on my Nation-Tanzania. I am yet to meet such a mind,though he is long gone but his books and speeched are alive to date and very relevant, my leadership focus somehow follows after him. 5.Nelson Mandela- For believing his people's freedom to the extend of denying his own, for the spirit of patriotism and such a visionary leader. 6.Hillary Clinton- Whom after being a first Lady did not clog her vision,still she lived to became her asipirations, she insipires me beyond.

I am because we are :-)

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