In upper east of Ghana women and children are camped as witch's and ate not allowed to go out of the camp they named it witch's camp in Ghana and they are been acused of having bad sprite.

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Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) encompass the modern tools of knowledge-sharing and communication used in today's increasingly digital age, I.e. the internets, computers, mobile technologies, No3 players ect.

Getting women and girls into ICT is vital for a number of reasons. ICT is a facilitate the vision of education and job training; and they also improve access to healthcare and participation in economies and civil societes. And in a world where 95% of all jobs now have a digital component, encouraging women and girls in ICT is critical .Digital and mobile tecnologies and the internet have enormous potential for Women Empowerment, proving women with opportunities to find and share information, access educational and health service, generate income, interact,collaborate, network, and have their voice heard. Yet a lack of access to technology and technical residing, autonomy and adequate infrastructure(offen coupled with high cost of connectivity) prevent many women from fully benefiting from the use of mobile technologies and the internet. Today, gobally women are 21% likely to own a mobile phone than men.

Connecting women through the use technologies can yield incredible return in social and economic development


Hmmmmm I thougt child labour is over but no people are still trading their kids to strangers selling their children's for money they say women belong to the kitchen as the saying goes selling their daughters, giving them to early marragies the day u will be born if only you are a girl someone will come and pay for your briad price that you are his wife no education for the girl at the a tender age the have to go to her husband's house start giving broth is not good at all

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