Mother once told me the story of an eagle's egg which was placed alongside a chickens' to hatch.the eaglet grew up learning how to be a chicken from what it had observed from its supposed never for once spread its wings to fly. This exactly is the scenario in my community.There has been so much work being done to encourage education of the girl child.parents have been sensitized,they have seen the likes of Turai Yar'adua a former first lady who is praised as being an epitome of wisdom;the likes of Okonjo Iweala a former worldbank MD,the likes of Michelle Obama,so many women writing their names on the annals of history.This has encouraged them so much,now so many of them believe in the potentials of the girl-child.

The rather saddening affair I have observed is this:although our society has agreed to educate,there is still this subtle unspoken rule being peddled which normally wouldn't have troubled me if not that our own girls are the first to believe such blasphemies,the girl is being portrayed especially through social media as a warmer of beds and not as a maker of dreams,as a sex toy and not a being to be believed in and supported without considering once again her gender!Ask a typical girl what her future ambition is and she would tell you it is to marry a rich husband!No goals or dreams or aspirations of any kind!That is why today we have a very high rate of teenage pregnancy because once they see a youngman who can feed the shallow dream they have nursed,they let him have what he wants,leaving them broken!many that I know would rather dress up colorfuly all painted and catwalk up and down the streets rather than go to school,what's the point?they say.all we're trying to get is money!

Yes,poverty is still an issue in some areas,so is the fact that some still don't believe in training the girl-child;but thankfully,these have to an extent been combated.Now,the poser is"girl,we need you to be educated,pls take it.want it" I believe we need to remind many of these girls who are having misplaced priorities that there's so much more to life than money,so much they can achieve,so much potentials in them that we refuse to see wasted.

We should create promotions and awareness programmes for them,help them know real life Sheroes who are making impact all over the world! We also need to create a reward system for those that do go to school and stay in school,to keep them motivated.keep their pulse beating strong. Finally,we need to use this same social media positively,change their way of seeing things,Let's help these eagles fly!

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Girls Transform the World 2013.

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I am with you Abi! I have same approach. Read my week three journal i have also mentioned almost same points of solution. so lets together to fight against illiteracy

I am sure our joint efforts will make eagles fly

Dear Abisinuola,

What a wonderfully written entry! Thank you for sharing it with us. The opening story of the eagle is a powerful and illustrative way to open your discussion. I am too often confused and frustrated, wondering why our fellow girls and women hold themselves back. I am wondering what sorts of reward systems we could put in place to keep girls in school, or how we could use and deploy social media to reach girls and create the positive change you mention. There is much to think about in these areas!

Thanks again for sharing.

Kind regards,


Its food for thought truly...but I suGgest we could start with small grants and'll go a long way in encouraging somebody when there's a reward awaiting them. Thanks a lot.:)


Hi Abi, The starting is wonderfully portrating the essence. This thinking pattern you have highlighted here in girls of your country is only a social trend which is influenced and driven by many more. The strong belief system is one of it. What I belive, what my parents believe and what my sociey believes and wants me to do are 3 differents thing. I need to make a good out of it. It is only a menifestation, the cause is somewhere else. You are right. A social change for better cause is much needed option. Minakshi

Abisinuola, Thank-you for sharing this wonderful post! I can feel your commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of the girls and women in your community. I love the word "Sheroes"! I know for myself, seeing a women excelling in an area I am interested in is both inspiring and empowering. I can see that you are one of these "Sheroes"! You inspire and empower me! I appreciate so much what you are doing. Many Blessings! Traci

Thank you so much for your inspiring words! I think that with society, we sometimes give girls the wrong idea of what is important - placing emphasis on things that do not matter. We need to teach our girls that they are strong, beautiful and competent and that an education can only further promote their independence!

I loved the closing when you said, "I believe we need to remind many of these girls who are having misplaced priorities that there's so much more to life than money,so much they can achieve,so much potentials in them that we refuse to see wasted."

I couldn't have put it better myself.

Courtney Michelle Miller Digital Communications Strategist and Multimedia Producer

We need to show these girls that there is a lot ahead of them only if they can go to school. They need to be encouraged to study and also the influential women in society should be able to mentor such disadvantaged girls so that the feel loved and cared for and this will surely give them motivation to study and be successful in life. Thank you abi for you great post and continue to do such great work my dearest.

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi Head of Legal and Advocacy Centre for Batwa Minorities Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

You have said it all,let's hope the influential women in each society take out time from their busy schedules to mentor these girls. The future is looking brighter already. God bless you:)