About Me: Hello! I am interested in rural development of villages in Africa. As a nurse and developmental psychologist, the health and psychological welfare of villagers in Africa who are unseen by the world is my passion.

My Passions: Partnering with others to build just, sustainable communities in Africa

My Areas of Expertise: Nursing, Developmental Psychology

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Dear Aboling, Like you, I have recently joined this bee-hive network of women dedicated to their cause.I love the experience and even at my old age, I feel I am standing on firmer feet! I feel the warmth and generosity of my new friends who are always ready commenting, encouraging and offering help. So, I hope it is an equally rich experience to you. What I am confessing is that... At a certain stage of my life , I used to be outraged with sympathetic views of ,'poor African kids' kind of attitute' from any one outside our community. I suppose it is the reminiscences of agression towards a colonizing westerner. However, I am cured now with things falling into perspective. The size of voluntary work from young people travelling all over the world wherever needed is admirable. I salute you in your angelic job and eagerness to help. asha