Effects of HIV/AIDS
  • Effects of HIV/AIDS

I had the vision, dream and passion way before I joined PulseWire,help the helpless raise their silent voices "voice for the voiceless," transforming "nobodies to somebodies". By June 2009 I started my journey of helping the voiceless. Joining World Pulse a great step! This time I am writing to inform you that I am running my passion, my dream, a pioneer project under the Organisation(Global Health and HIV AIDS Initiative Uganda - GHAIND) I work for and would like to find a base for it. I am looking for people who can partner with me in running and managing.

It is called Infectious Diseases Control by use of Information and Communication Technologies (IDCICT) found in www.globalhealth-hivaids.org/idcict.html , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WIrq_MLh88

Abstract/Project Summary

Many Rural Communities in Uganda up to date do not have access to Health Care Services, as a result they are affected by Diseases most of which start as minor Diseases or sicknesses and are easily ignored by the patients or persons responsible for their well being. These minor Diseases later turn-up as complicated illnesses that require big sums of money for treatment, some of which get cured and others not curable. Some cases of such complicated, rare/uncommon illnesses have been published by the press (Televisions, Radio stations and the News papers) some of the victims have been supported, others silenced without support and the rest unheard of (not heard of) therefore helpless and voiceless. According to NTV, a local Television here in Uganda and World Vision, an international NGO operating at grassroots levels, 80% of health complications in the grassroots level in Uganda are not treated. Infectious Diseases Control by use of Information and Communication Technologies (IDCICT) therefore has come up with a Search and Research project aimed at searching for those suffering with complications and an attempt for early intervention and control of such illnesses by use of Information and Communication Technologies in Health and Health Services provisions and promotions in Regional Rural communities of Uganda which includes Eastern, Northern, Western, Southern and Central parts of Uganda . Those affected who are our target group include; People Leaving with HIV/AIDS (PLHA), those with rare/uncommon diseases, the impaired, people with Reproductive Health complications, Communities affected. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in use are Photographs, Videos, Voicing in form of Documentaries to record and track the real life situations of the victims. These records and Documentaries are used to win support for the victims from Health support Organizations and entities. These records and the materials are as well used as well as used as Training materials and Illustrations, Testimonies and Live examples in a real world in community trainings events.

I call upon support from those who have the same passion.