Washington DC, Beautiful! Training in USTTI -- USA

Achieng Nas
Posted December 2, 2010 from Uganda

Finally landed from Uganda to USA yesterday for a training in Satellite and Internet Delivery of Educational Television and Multimedia,” sponsored by SCOLA (A Foreign Language TV/Web Provider) by United States Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI) 4-17 Dec.

It is another world friends! I am talking to those in the developing world who have never been to the developed world. I will explain by photos soon. For friends in US, Europe and ALL the developed nations, you need to go down to the developing countries before you understand and appreciate what a world you are in (if you doubt your comfirt). I was hardly blinking, seeing the beautiful places above and when we landed in Amsterdam, my African brain disappeared for a moment, it was like I was dreaming. Well, I wokeup in the morning and it was not a dream atall, I am in USA!! Who knew I would reach here and now, only God. From a complete hopelessness here I am!

You can reach me by email; biitry@gmail.com for anything close to africa or Uganda culture stuffs, my tour experience and valuable skills, or perhaps I meet you before leaving for Uganda.


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  • Olutosin
    Dec 03, 2010
    Dec 03, 2010

    This is beautiful My Dearest Sister......................The begining of good things to come. Learn and share.

  • Achieng Nas
    Dec 04, 2010
    Dec 04, 2010

    Thank you sister, I am training with over 6 Nigerians! One od them is Nkechi Newton-Denila, General Manager; Legal & Regulatory Services, 3A, Aja Nwachukwu Close, Ikoyi, Lagos. She was a GOOD friend! Unfortunately they are leaving to a different state. We, 4 people are heading to Omaha NE for a different training and they 16 are heading to Santa Clara CA. I had fun with them. I will share and keep you posted next week.

    Great weekend.

  • Darcey
    Dec 08, 2010
    Dec 08, 2010

    Dear Beatrice

    I hope that you enjoy your time in the US. I wish I was closer- I would love to say hello in person. We are shin- deep in snow where I am, and it is lovely. I am much too far from DC to visit, but send much love and hope that you can enjoy your time while you are discovering this new world.

    Much love Darcey