Wearing in ceremony, I was to the left.
  • Wearing in ceremony, I was to the left.
  • Hand shake with the king
  • The king and his wife
  • Clan leaders

Honorable Beatrice Achieng Nas was my title in January 28, 2011at the inauguration ceremony at the King's Palace. I was selected as one of the Ministers under the King of the Jopadhola - Tieng Adhola (The Jopadhola Cultural Union). The Tieng Adhola is the Tribal Government of the Jopadhola Tribe of about 700,000 Ugandans.

Little did I know that someone was observing me somewhere. With the king's speech "We appoint people who are proven outstanding in character and values", I did not think he, - His highness Kwari Adhola Moses Stephen Owor, a man of wisdom, known for his career achievements, networking and visionary would ever get to know me. I am not anybody popular neither known to many. Among thousands of the Jopadhola and hundreds educated , I was chosen as a Youth Minister.

This is a great opportunity for me to address the communities in different occasions about the rights of women and children especially and the importance of education. I will use this chance to introduce not only the Jopadhola women but the entire Ugandan women to World Pulse, her vision and mission.

I request for your mentor-ship in this race for the good and development of my nation, Africa and the globe at large.

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Welldone Beatrice! I am so much happy at the level you are going, please carry all women and children along. You are the voice and you can be the voice of others too. That is why we are here.

The Sky is the begining. Ride of Honorable Beatrice.

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