Charli B, Reading her letter from Nyaburu Anna
  • Charli B, Reading her letter from Nyaburu Anna

2012 Mentors and Mentees are here, the mission of Rural Girl Child Mentorship Uganda (RGCM Uganda) is being fulfilled. Rural Girl Child Mentorship Uganda (RGCM Uganda), a project under a grassroots NGO– Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation (PCE-Foundation), is a one on one girl-to-mentor project aimed at empowering Ugandan girls through financial assistance for continued education, shared knowledge and wisdom, and creative thinking. Each rural Ugandan girl is connected to a mentor who helps nurture their vision for a brighter future.

PCE-Foundation is a national grassroots Not for Profit Organization operating under the legal instruments governing NGOs in Uganda. It is registered under REG NO: S.5914/9510, currently operating in Eastern Uganda.

It was a struggle finding only 40 girls in a community of over 1000 households. In my OWN village of over 300 household we found ONLY 7 girls, the rest got married and already pregnant, with children (because I wanted to pull them off their marriages - knowing the impact of education and especially to and from the girls of my own village).

Today we have 38 mentors from Australia, United Kingdom and the United States. Isn't it amazing?!. Some of the mentors have already got the first letters from the girls.

"Received a letter from Nyaburu Anna yesterday, so beautifully written. She wants to be a doctor. I'm sure she will be a great doctor and leader. I can't wait to meet you Anna! Thank you Beatrice for bringing her into my life" says Charli Bass

We are thankful for World Pulse media platform for giving a channel for raising my voice and above all, helping us channel our passion and dream.

Allow me thank and congratulate the 37mentors from across the globe for having chosen to mentor a rural Ugandan girl through RGCM Uganda project, for having trusted me with their time and money to mentor and educate the following girls of my community;

Mentor         Country         Girl
  1. Charli B       Australia         Nyaburu Anna
  2. Rita R         Germany         Namusis Anna
  3. Rita R         Germany         Nyaburu Nandalia
  4. Rita R         Germany         Nyadoi Perepetwa
  5. Julie K T     United States   Aboth Sarah
  6. Julianne Ohl F [Looking for a new mentors for 2013]     United States     Auma Maureen Sharon
  7. ChristianD[Looking for a new mentors for 2013]         Australia             Woor Victoria
  8. Ines D               Germany               Akoth Everline
  9. Lori Bonn G       United States     Achola Sabina
  10. Jana L             Germany             Athieno Irene
  11. Sophia Catherine W     Germany     Alowo Catherine
  12. Charli M         Australia                 Nyadoi Anna Rose
  13. Andrea L       United States         Apio Everline
  14. Nina L           Germany                 Akumu Dorothy
  15. Amy E           United States         Achola Anna
  16. Karlene Lumsden         Australia         Awor Jane Frances
  17. Gisela Raabe               Germany         Achieng Scovia 18.Nancy W               England                    Aboth Regina 19.Sarah T                 Austria                     Athieno Rose Mary 20.Susanne S           Germany                   Adongo Anna Mary 21.Maura Conlon     United States         Awor Esther 22.The Rat Pack           Australia               Agola Mary Sylvia. 23.Susanna B           Sweden                 Akello Jane Doreen 24.Jennifer A [Looking for a new mentors for 2013]           United States          Achari Christine 25.Lisa B           Australia                    Akello Mary 26.Olivia B           Australia                    Agola Mary
  18. Barb R           United States              Anyango Solofia 28.Anita B           United States              Agolla Mary Constance 29.Corina W            Austria                     Akoth Felisters 30.Lisa S            Germany                      Auma Beatrice 31.Gypsy Elaine       United States        Aketch Mary Gorret 32.Jens K             Germany                  Awor Josephine 33.Heike B            Germany                  Auma Constance 34.Robin H            United States          Akumu Patricia 35.Laurinda M            Australia              Awor Mary 36.Kyle B            England                  Awor Hilda 37.Ritu S            United States            Abbo Martha. 38.Vicky H            Australia                  Adongo Christine
  19. Sue L            United States            Akoth Cissy 40.Cadia M            Australia        Achola Norah Constance

Congratulations to our 2012, dear Mentors and Mentees!!!!!!

For those who would like to mentor next year 2013, we will update you from as early as September 6, 2012; already over 400 girls have already preregistered for 2013 intake [Updated on June 04]

For details on how and why mentor a girl can, please follow this link; Please feel free to read short essays about our current mentees about their current life, explained how they’ve overcome roadblocks thus far, and identify their dreams and goals accessible at:

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Thank you for choosing to create a big impact in the life of a rural girl child and an ever lasting CHANGE in the world.