Walking the Talk

Achieng Nas
Posted October 21, 2013 from Uganda
Walking the Talk
Walking the Talk
Walking the Talk (1/1)

In this generation where Voice, and Connection go hand in hand, evident Action is so crucial.

Yes you are talking, Yes, perhaps the whole World is listening and following with you right now, Yes, perhaps you are getting the support you need but, are you taking the evident action? What shows that what you say is actually what you do at present?

I am so much aware that most of the women and men writing journals in this network are bleeding in heart, yearning for change, needing support to have the evident action. My first sentence is not meant for you, it is meant for people who have the right resources for the evident action but are not giving a hand yet. It is time for them to act if they are yearning to see the change we want to see. I am talking about making meaningful and impact-ful connections.

To everyone struggling to make their dreams come true, do not give up easily. It is a struggle that needs determination. You do not have to wait for a hand to help, let the hand find you along the way. If you wait to be helped, you will fail, you will kill your dream, you will kill your vision and something important in your life.

When I started Rural Girl Child Mentorship (RGCM), I knew it was a risk and required a constant struggle. I utilize facebook a lot, a lot, a lot! I had seven [7] people who passionately followed with me after my World Pulse Media Speaking Tour of 2011. I got them involved from the start to-date. These seven invited their friends and had an increase to fifteen [15] supporters.

I also had a personal connection with few people in Australia and England, who spread the Mentorship project in their networks to-date. Sixty Seven [67] girls and the current four [4] boys are in school, other projects are running because of these same connections with people from across the globe.

I am very proud to share with you the perspectives, reflections and insight feedback from people I am connected with, who are supporting my work.

FIVE Mentors [Sponsors of rural Ugandan girls] from Australia, Germany and Portugal are visiting with our projects in Uganda October 19 - 23! Cassie, Haidee, Kora, Nancy and Martha are doing their final packing right now for an amazing trip.

In their own words, this is what they say about supporting Rural Girl Child Mentorship (RGCM) and Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation (PCE Foundation):

“Because education has helped me climb and succeed in life. Education is the single most important thing you can offer because it allows people to change their circumstances themselves. Education sees no bounds and when you teach an individual there is a ripple effect in their community. By opening the mind by teaching you forge new opportunities and you can change your life. We are not limited by circumstance but rather by the way we view them. With education we develop perspective and a deeper understanding of the world and therefore a better understanding of our circumstances so we can change them. So that's why I want to fundraise for the girls. Because I want them to be educated so they can help themselves and their communities. So they can find out they are filled with a limitless potential for greatness. The reason we chose to climb Kilimanjaro was because it is a great challenge that could be taken as a metaphor. It will be hard but together we will climb to the top and succeed. We are not climbing alone but we climb together as a team who will support each other. The same as RGCM, we work as a team to support these girls with their challenges. The mentors, the mentees, families, friends, RGCM and Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation (PCE Foundation) and the community all working together for one common goal.” Nancy

“I would love for everyone to have the opportunity to achieve and live their dreams. I believe the best way to achieve this is through education, which may also help break the poverty cycle in so many countries. That's why I am supporting RGCM and Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation (PCE Foundation) in Uganda and the Umoja centre in Tanzania. With this team effort, I hope one day soon everybody will also have the opportunity to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams, no matter where in the world they are born.” Haidee

"I believe that every person on this planet deserves and education that we've had the lucky privilege of gaining by growing up in Australia. If I can do anything to highlight the amazing cause of the school I'm so proud and excited to do it." Kora

"When Nancy told me about this Organisation and what they did for young girls, there WAS no way I could say no." Cassie

“I've chosen to fund rise for a Bus for RGCM and Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation (PCE Foundation) because I believe is a very good project, I do believe education is the only weapon to break poverty. Education will make better this world. I like the one to one of RGCM, I hope many people trust RGCM too and help to the people who really need it. Education is the future, education is everything” Martha

Our Individuals supporters and volunteers from across the globe are introducing their friends and families to our projects because they see the direct connection and impact they build in rural Uganda communities. Since 2012, twenty one [21] Mentors and Volunteers have visited with your projects in Uganda.

After becoming a mentor in 2012, Nancy Wendel , a Pilot by profession introduced her longtime friends to RGCM and Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation (PCE Foundation).

“I have known Kora since I was 5 years old! We went to the same primary school together and lived on the same street. Haidee and I worked together and lived together in Australia. We have been friends for over 10yrs. Marta and I worked together in Europe. And Cassie I met through my friend about 5 yrs ago.” says Nancy.

I met Nancy through my facebook friend Charli from Australia who is one of our first three mentors to join RGCM project. Altogether since August 2012 to this Month, Twenty One [21] Mentors and Volunteers from across the globe [Australia, Europe and the United States] have visited with our projects, especially RGCM and the girls, their families, community and our country Uganda.

The Five Mentors have raised £2120.00 so far to support RGCM and Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation (PCE Foundation).

They will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania after visiting with the girls. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Tanzania, the highest mountain in Africa, and the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 5,895 metres or 19,341 feet above sea level.

We appreciate all our Mentors, Supporters and Volunteers. We welcome anyone including organizations, groups/clubs, families with passion to help us save rural girls from early marriages and saving the rural population from the unbroken circles of poverty.

Visit our website: http://pce-foundation.org Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RGCMUganda


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  • Hideko N.
    Oct 22, 2013
    Oct 22, 2013

    Thank you for the words to see beyond the circumstances. "To everyone struggling to make their dreams come true, do not give up easily. It is a struggle that needs determination. You do not have to wait for a hand to help, let the hand find you along the way. If you wait to be helped, you will fail, you will kill your dream, you will kill your vision and something important in your life."

    Daily I fall into thinking 'within my small capacity, the mountain is too high.' People around me cannot see what I see. There is almost no help but once in a while miracle happens. Someone very remote and who have never seen me have warm embrace and encouragement. You are also very far and I have never seen you, but you know the path I am taking--which makes you be closer than anyone around me.

    Hideko N. SWACIN http://www.swacin.com

  • Achieng Nas
    Oct 22, 2013
    Oct 22, 2013

    I have realized that when you have a dream, most People around you cannot see what I see, so many will try to shut you up (silence your voice), turn you down ("that's impossible!"), and let you down too (promise and not ful-fill), just a few will carry on with you. It is our own-self to keep up with our passions as long as it is meaningful to us and helpful to others. The more determined we become, the more we draw people with the same passion closer to us. Let us continue speaking from our hearts and connecting with new people as we take our actions to another level.

  • ikirimat
    Nov 03, 2013
    Nov 03, 2013

    Thank you Beatrice for this very inspiring article. Sharing your experience motivates me to keep persuing my dreams. Your very opening statement is spot on "....Voice, and Connection go hand in hand, evident Action is so crucial" It was worth sharing.