World Pulse Directory Group: Women International Business Center -WIBC

Achieng Nas
Posted December 29, 2010 from Uganda

2011 is here, count your achievements and think of some more that will keep you active and fit throughout the year and the years to come, think of entrepreneurship at global reach.To feel secure, to live more responsible, active and independent, we must work for our personal growth and developments, we must do something with our knowledge and any sorts of capital we have to create jobs and entrepreneurship networks among women globally. This group (Women International Business Center -WIBC) was initiated to create a network of women who are interested in engaging in entrepreneurship and businesses at international level, imports and exports....

I was in USA and admired so much Goodwill stores and many more stores, if women (WP) could come up with such stores for example in different countries globally where we can rotate around the world running these stores for at least one months in each country (with a central database controlled say in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia or Africa).

To join this group and share ideas to reality please check under "Pulsewire" and click "Group Directory" , you will find Women International Business Center -WIBC among the groups.

Hoping to hear from you.

Wishing you a prosperous NEW YEAR 2011!!

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