The four girls now in school, rescued from marriage by Lorraine
  • The four girls now in school, rescued from marriage by Lorraine

Today is Lorraine Salmon's Birthday; a World Pulse supporter and also a mentor and a coach to Eveline (her mentee) and a coach to me - Beatrice (known as Bea in the story below), Rural Girl Child Mentorship (RGCM Uganda) project and Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation. I wanted to share with you her experience in the mentoring and coaching walk, especially how it started. After reading this post, please leave a birthday message for this wonderful souls-savor woman....

This is what it looks like (paraphrasing actual communication):

• Lorraine to Bea via email: “Bea, I am promoting World Pulse after meeting Jensine Larson and she has introduced me to you and your vision. While my work to date has been on a corporate level and my work more so in the vein of attracting news coverage and social awareness for WP, I am between my own working assignments and while my own money is tight, I am moved by you and how you inspire your community to break the ties that bind it…. Tell me how I can help you” • Bea to Lorraine: We need sponsors, and we need to spread the word and to save the young women of our community from marriage at 13 (as I was saved) after which there are harmed sexually and held in a life without education and personal choices. There are young girls in the remote parts of our community today who will be married during the next two weeks if we do not rescue them. Their parents are sometimes deceased from AIDS, but whether parents or grandparents, their families welcome our help, however, are no longer financially equipped to support them or their education, marry them off for their housing needs. Bea describes her team of sponsors from many countries, Germany, Australia, Austria, Canada, the US, more… she provides access to the Face Book workgroup, she encourages communication between the parties, I say I will help, and she says “hurry, please dear Lorraine I can go get the next girls on the list tonight if you confirm funding, school begins in a few days, I can travel all night to get them and prepare them for their trip to the academy… their application are already vetted and we have a list approved for entry to school. If we do not hurry they will be married. • Lorraine thinking: If this is not preparation meeting with opportunity and action, I don’t know what is…. • Lorraine: Literally between income streams, living alone, is so compelled by Beatrice’s will and mission that within 4 days the following occurs: • Lorraine melts and sells some of her gold jewelry to raise the $800 to support sweet Eveline for the next year. That has now become the most beautiful jewelry I will never wear again. And while I have been a woman of means, at this time in my life, I was reminded of the power we all have inside of us… that is not “our capital”, but our reach, our humanity, our dedication, our willingness to compromise and re-invent, that can change us forever and in-so-doing, reach literally across the world to change the course of the life of another….. • Lorraine reaches out to her friends and FB community and in 3 days has 3 women who will also sponsor young women, (two of them without readily available funds, but who figure it out and commit), funds are wired to Lorraine and then to Bea - • Each day we are filled with the excitement of emailing and wiring and committing to Bea as she cares for her family, cares for her daughter, works her job, runs the Rural Girl Child Mentorship Program – Uganda…. And each night, confirming our next commitment, returns to the remotest areas of her community, often traveling hours and hours, to prepare the families and return with the young girls, womanhood saved and intact, readying them for their many hour trek to school where they will live for the next few months. During each step of this dance, we are all moved to tears and filled with joy at the prospect of helping another reach the place inside of themselves where they can follow Bea, save themselves, and do more for others… the multiplier effect makes us all much bigger than we are, alone, and that is WP. • My friend, Alicia, drives 30 minutes to my home to hug me and thank me for bringing such meaning to her life. We declare a dance in order for Beatrice and the young women to be saved and we dance in my office and return to the email to tell Bea of our dance and of our love for her and her amazing willingness to be the conduit between fate and destiny… and then, • Bea emails that she traveled to pick up Victoria, but she had been married off two days prior… we missed her… and we stopped dancing and sat on the floor and stared at each other and cried… • Next email from Bea– The next girl on the list is Sharon, (in Bea’s world there is no time for crying.. there is always another to be saved) and “Will we leave our commitment in place and can I go get her please?” YES!!!! We respond go!!! AND when we end our email we shout to each other “RUN Forest RUN!!!” and we are laughing again. • AND, as I wonder how Beatrice is all that she is to so many already in her care… up to 13 family members, her employer, the team of volunteers for RGCM – Uganda, the young women already in the system (over 60), she is off preparing to leave to rescue Sharon… and later rescued Jane for Dawn, Joy for Kimberly - Alicia's sister ...all now headed for school and safe. • This is what possibility looks like when Jensine (Founder of World Pulse) gives you a vision of you participating in an exciting virtual reporting system where a woman in a tiny rural community in Uganda is teamed with a few men and women in Australia, Austria, Canada, England, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, and a small town in upstate New York, and various states in the USA.

Once our introduction dance is completed and we settle into the school year, Bea and I begin to work as a team, with the many other amazing coaches in her World Pulse community and from across the globe; Amy, Anita, Barb, Estelle, Gisela, Jana, Janeane, Jeremy, Jim, Julie, Lindsey, Lisa, Liv, Nancy, Nigel, Martha, Rachael, Rebecca, Rita, Ruth, Shelby, Sharon, Ted and many others …and we begin the decision process of how to increase fund raising abilities, fund an administrative office, get Bea some SLEEP, how to obtain tax exempt status, etc. However, for me, my coaching, my background, my own perseverance in full throttle, I will always remain in awe of Bea’s, edicts, her awareness, her fully committed pronouncement to the universe… “I am here and we will change this, (won’t you) come join us! And what I want to shout to the roof tops is – Don’t do it for her… do it for the lives you will change, and do it for yourself, for you can only be moved in great ways .. and be permitted to see a more fulfilling perspective of your own life and your own purpose, in the process.

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Dear Lorraine,

Wishing you a very happy birthday! You have impacted the world in a incredible way! I love seeing all the smiles of the girls pictured above. What a wonderful woman you are! May you continue to move mountains with your great heart.

Warmest wishes, Emily

I celebrate you for being you and for all that you are giving and doing to change the lives of girls for the best. Thank you for believing in Beatrice enough to support her in every way possible. Thank you for helping her live her dream! God bless your selflessness and generousity.

Kudos to you, Beatrice and your amazing friends who are also lending their support!

With love, Greengirl