I hope to create a social enterprise that is focused on raising strong girls and young women to become leaders in my community. I dream of a community of educated & empowered women,free from domestic violence, a community where women take up leadership politically and otherwise. I trained as a teacher in my first degree,I hope to further my education to Ph.D level and become a professor someday. Am proud of my teaching skills,I love being in the classroom and guiding students to navigate their way through life. Am very outspoken, always speaking my mind and this makes me good at public speaking. I can stand and address a crowd on issues am passionate about. Am self motivated and always looking for ways to better my community. I can use my skills to motivate and inspire other women to speak up in the society, educate them on their rights,also sensitize men on the effects of domestic abuse to the society. In my community am inspired by strong women who irrespective of their various challenges they still succeed in life.They refuse to stay down but stay positive.They give their all to train their children. I feel very safe in my home. When I need advice I go to my mother.She is my strongest influence.She raised five kids on her own and in the midst of the economical challenges she still got her education up to degree level.She believes in me and supports my every dream. The internet is one of my graetest resources. I can use the social media to create awareness on the issues am passionate about,join communities on the same cause,do crowd funding for projects etc.