A woman is the most effective tool for human rights-based development and with education she is equipped with high quality leadership which will support,promote and build long-lasting repercussions for her community. Empowering a woman will be implant challenging laws which will change the status of women and girls in the world. With her collaboration engagement and growth, she will be able to fight Poverty which is the worst form of violence. Women are the back born of their communities and in the absences of empowerment many communities will be lost.

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Dear Adah, You are very correct.Poverty is in fact a breeding ground for violence.Being poor automatically makes one wrong!Imagine a woman who has no dime in her pocket yet is daring to challenge her community for inflicting pain on her or a fellow woman.She will be cast out like a hot potato and she will languish in despair for lack of basic needs.Now think of the opposite, a woman who pays the bills,when she coughs every one will shut up because if she locks the faucet throats will go dry.Although in some rare cases there seems to be no vaccine for violence against women.Keep sharing your thoughts sis,they are valuable. Blessings, Leina

Leina dear, your judgement is definitely an eye opener to all the women who have refused to move on with the change of emancipation.Women need to equip themselves with the modern ideologies to better improve on their conditions and welfare.Money may be a problem but not all the time. Most of the women are not assertive.For example, the celebration of the Rural woman is a forum created to raise awareness and educate the rural woman on the role she plays in her community.But how many rural women even celebrate this day? They are carried away my family responsibilities and other difficulties.We still have the challenge to fight for more women to be empowered and educated. Lots of Luv Adah.

Sister Adah, I am so happy to know women like you are in my community back home.I believe in few years to come with our collective efforts the rural women will understand what such a day means for them and become more assertive.All they need is for us to sensitize them about the need to get involved.I am so proud of you sister! Hugs, Leina

my dear, The rural woman is the most humbled, hard working, caring and loving mums in the world. I thanked the international community for recognizing them. She is the unseen God of every society; she feeds the mass with her farm produce thereby sustaining lives. So let’s all join to support the rural woman in one way or the other with basic necessities like fertilizers, farm to market roads and what have you! The rural woman is the strongest and real image of a woman. Despite her difficulties and the violence around her, she remains the shock absorber, the provider and the mother of all nations. This is a true reflection of the rural woman. I agree with your contribution and that we still have alot to be done to support the cause of change in our communities. Together we will make the change. Thanks again sister and let keep the spirit. Kiss Kiss Adah