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Hello everyone! I just enjoyed a sweet, spontaneous visit yesterday in the crisp New England fall with my old buddy Christine Austin who told me about this wonderful site and encouraged my friend Sara Karl and I to check it out. I'm a big fan of gorgeous design and meaningful, resonant and inspiring communications and I really like what I've seen of PulseWire so far!

I'm blessed to be one of the growing number of "guys who get it" and feel delighted to be asked to participate in such a beautiful expression of community and social evolution - heaven knows we need it! Always so good to connect with others as we build out a new way of being in the world - we sure can't wait for others to do it for us anymore, that's for sure.

A little about me, by way of introducing myself and my work, and why I'm inspired to be here: For the last several years, I've been developing Dharma Boutique, a fair trade/socially responsible small business working in India, Afghanistan, America and beyond. We import sacred and sensual offerings that bring inspiring beauty into our lives and simultaneously promote our collective social evolution by sourcing sensitively and re-investing 3% of our sales into people & planet, where the investment of our heart and resources are so needed.

I recently launched my new web shop at and I'm excited both by the offerings available and the stories and humanity present throughout the site-many of those stories courtesy of my work with producer Sara Karl. Sara worked tirelessly to film, in Hi-Def, the sourcing and travel adventure during our 2 months in India and Afghanistan earlier this year, and continues to devote her energies to editing the vast footage into compelling, funky and human portraits of life across the planet for us to share both on Dharma Boutique and in other places too-like here at PulseWire!

I've had a long and colorful journey including major sojourns in the realms of healing work and playing devotional music, mostly kirtan these days-but I'll leave those stories for another day!

I feel like we are all just at the beginning of a long journey of awakening as we build, support and enjoy the fruits of true community and all we have to offer and learn and experience-all of us.

It's an honor and pleasure to be here-look forward to connecting with the other radiant beings here!

Namasté, Adam Bauer

Founder, Dharma Boutique

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Welcome to PulseWire, Adam. I took a look at your website for Darma Boutique. It is such a beautiful and compelling venture! How is the progress in transforming your barn into a healing center? And how has fall been treating New England? I used to live in western Mass. and miss watching the passing of time as fall would sweep deep splashes of color across the countryside.

Warm wishes,


Thanks for the warm welcome, Lisa--this has been the finest fall weather and color show in several years, so it's a great New England moment unfolding around here. Now, the colored leaves are settling onto the forest floor, soon to dissolve into a sea of browns and melt away into the earth from whence they came--a beautiful season, these coming weeks.

The barn? Well, that's more of a long time dream--even simply shoring up the structure, replacing the roof and re-siding the beast sufficiently to both be able to add insulation and keep the interior beams visible, is a major project--and that still leaves everything but the outer box still to be done! Like I wrote, that's a million-dollar project: someday. The dream lives, and thrives, in the meantime.

Thanks for the warm vibes on my new site--every good wish helps. (Hey, are you Lisa Song? maybe that's where you came from! If so, I just mailed out your malas today...) It's all an incredible adventure, for certain.

So: what are you up to in this precious incarnation, Lisa? Do tell!

Namasté, Adam

Adam Bauer Founder, Dharma Boutique

Adam Bauer Founder, Dharma Boutique

Thank you for the Dharma Boutique. I appreciate the beauty you are sharing there. Your passion and warmth is obvious and when I was browsing the market place I could only imagine the warmth and love that comes with each item you send.

I dream of having singing bowls that sound uniquely like me and then I will pass them on to people I love so they can always here me. My grandmother had one and I don't know where it is now but I can still hear it if I try hard enough.

With warmth,

Jenna Kellam

Wow Jenna, I love that image: singing bowls that sound uniquely like you, so your energy can resonate with others even when your body is not present with them. Great!

Thanks so much for the warm thoughts on the new site. There's so much warmth and love in my heart and in the items themselves that getting it all across in a 2-dimensional medium has its challenges--but it's a fun challenge for sure...

Is your grandmother still alive? Where does she live? Any idea where she found her singing bowl?

All the best, adam

Adam Bauer Founder, Dharma Boutique

Adam Bauer Founder, Dharma Boutique

Adam, I'm very jealous of your autumn splendor in New England! Portland has a much more subtle changing of seasons. I feel like I missed the waning of summer into fall since I was in Puerto Rico during those few critical weeks. My nearly three weeks in Puerto Rico were a much needed adventure that included spending time in San Juan, Farjardo on the east side, Mayaguez and Ricon on the west side, and the small island of Vieques just east of Puerto Rico. Coming back here from the hot, damp, Caribbean climate was certainly a shock, but now I'm adjusted and thoroughly enjoying the cool pacific NW weather. I dedicate much of my time here to the life and community on PulseWire. And, to answer your question, I am not Lisa Song. I'm sure she will enjoy her malas, though!



Hello Adam,

I am greatly struck by your presence, your sense of joy and awareness, and perhaps an inner peace that has eluded me. Thank you for sharing about yourself, about DharmaBoutique, and a bit of your journey.

I was wondering if I could cajole you into two things.

First, how did you bring DharmaBoutique from a thought to a reality both metaphysically and literally. This is a "whole question" that I have asked myself many times. I do not appear entrepreneurial by nature and have wondered if this is something that can be taught or mentored. Many of the PulseWire posts are about micro-financed entrepreneurial successes. If we can begin a sharing of "how" the courage is generated, the vision expressed, and the actions taken perhaps we can get an increase in momentum around the world.

Second, I would very much like to hear more about your "colorful journey including major sojourns in the realms of healing work." What little awakening I have done has come similarly. And perhaps this too, in its sharing, will empower others to come foward with the stories of their journeys.

In Friendship, Dave...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mohandas K. Gandhi

In Friendship, Dave...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mohandas K. Gandhi

Dave, Thanks so much for your thoughtful query and kind words. I love a good conversation! I only have a few minutes to write this morning, so I'll dive, briefly, into each of your questions.

First: I'm not really sure just how I did it, or continue doing it, since I still feel like I'm in start-up mode more than working a fully-ripened operation. But it literally began as a dream I awoke from one dawn, and I was captivated enough by the idea that I simply kept chipping away at it over the following months: Why might this not work? What does this market look like, and how might the numbers play out, even if I can in fact source the goods compatible with my vision? What kinds of pricing formulas should I be trying to fulfill?

After a while, I figured it was time to go to India and explore: can I find compelling goods I like? At a price that works? From people I feel connected with and inspired to partner with? I bought a few items, with my anemic budget, and brought them home and began the long slow process of hanging out my little shingle. I launched my web shop/adventure video/community site in September 08, and even though it still needs tons of work, at least it's a start!

So really, it's a long, slow, inglorious ride--but many steps of which have held a quality of adventure and exploration, which have kept me going. Plus, the goods are gorgeous and truly inspiring to work with, and I love the people I work with, both in India and Afghanistan and here in the USSA.

Now, as far as the healing sojourn, that truly is an epic passage difficult to commit to words. The thumbnail sketch: I discovered, growing up in Cambridge in my young teens, a small and committed group of folks practicing massage and healing work, for free, in a community setting that was based in a collective spirit rather than a for-fee professional context. I have nothing against those who charge for such work--it's all too necessary these days for everyone to make a buck and keep the food flowing, and people need healing, and it's real work that takes time and energy, so that's all good. But for me, it was part of the transformative nature of the moment that commerce was not involved. I got turned on, heavily, and was blessed with a series of experiences, awakenings even, that put me in more or less direct contact (however briefly!) with an inborn sense of wonder and connection with the Oneness from which all life springs. I grokked that the whole "we're all one" thing wasn't a nice idea or an airy metaphor, but an actual literal fact: we are all based on the same building block of energy, all of us. Humans, animals, plants, concrete, you name it. Me and you, same same but different, as they say in India.

For me, the healing work later led, circuitously, to music and the healing place where music lives in the worldly realm. I started playing electric bass and using that low vibration that resonates in the body cavities as a way of sending my own inner energy out into the world. After playing reggae for 15 years, I found the Indian kirtan tradition (or devotional chanting of the sacred names), and that's mostly what I've been doing, music-wise, since I met Krishna Das in 2001 and he invited me to play with him. These days I mostly play with Shyamdas, another inspired kirtan wala.

It's all healing vibration, really: music, massage, cultural exchange with people in other countries, entrepreneurship and fair trade/socially responsible business. Just different ways to connect with each other and tune in and share love. And dance!

Thanks again, Dave--all the best to you, Adam

Adam Bauer Founder, Dharma Boutique

Adam Bauer Founder, Dharma Boutique

Hello Adam,

Thank you for the robust response and the precious time it took write it.

I am splitting this into two threads, one on enterpreneurship and the other on spiritual journey. I know that they are one, but for the sake of focus I am splitting them. Feel free to cross-over as the story demands.

Regarding entreprenuership, the part I am pursuing is what was happening to you (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) when your first significant manifest action took place. What was it that moved the idea to activity? In your story there was a time of persistant thought about values, feasiblity, etc. Then there was a trip to India. So where did the start-up capital come from? How did you finance that first trip to India, manage the language and cultural differences, and come home with an even more "anemic budget" yet able to "hang out a shingle."

Once one takes action, providence shifts or momentum is gained or we have skin in the game or something. There is worthwhile contribution to others on overcoming initial hurdles. But for now, the hurdle I am wondering about is the first one, financing and positioning oneself for a successful first action.

It feels like this could help many people with good ideas. Can you share?

In Friendship, Dave...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mohandas K. Gandhi

In Friendship, Dave...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mohandas K. Gandhi

Hello Adam,

Similar to you, I had a series of experiences that led to my understanding of the Oneness of all things. I was fortunate to have an intimate relationship with it for several years before the community that helped me remain connected slowly dissolved. I beleive that The Divine is helping me stand on my own with my understanding of The One. It was a lot easier in like-minded community, but I am finding that owning my beliefs and acting from them in the illusion of human separateness has its merit.

Where yours is healing vibration, particularly music, mine seems to come from the synthesis of duality -- remembering and sharing an ever more inclusive way of understanding, believing, behaving, and living. "Remembering" is part of my understanding. My immaterial essence knows perfectly my Oneness, I simply have to remember it when my five senses are reinforcing separateness.

There are several on PulseWire who have had, or are having, similar experiences. I have only recognized a few, but I can sense that there are many more. If you feel the calling, please seek them out and connect up. It feels important to me that we do so.

In Friendship, Dave...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mohandas K. Gandhi

In Friendship, Dave...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mohandas K. Gandhi

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