Pastor Esther Ibanga: Nigerian female pastor wins Japan peace prize for her anti-Boko Haram activism.

In February this year, a Nigerian woman by name Pastor Esther Ibanga was awarded Japan Peace Prize for her Anti-Boko Haram Activism by a Buddhist group-backed foundation called "Niwano Peace Foundation".

Esther choose not to keep silent on extremism.She kept up a vocal protest against Boko Haram kidnappings.

The Niwano Peace Foundation had this to say about Esther...

“Esther has worked extensively to foster and facilitate reconciliation between conflicting religious and tribal groups, setting up an organisation that has all tribal women leaders on its membership".

The foundation said it had awarded her its 20 million yen annual prize because of the way she has tirelessly pressured central and local governing officials in her efforts to fight back against extremists.

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What an inspiring leader.  Pastor Esther Ibanga is an inspiration to us all.  Thanks for sharing it with us Ms. Adanna, and keeping her story alive for more of us.  I have shared Pastor Ibanga's story with friends on social media.


Dear Adanna,

Thank you very much for sharing this incredible story.

I have met Pastor Esther Ibanga personally.

She is a lovely human being, full of life and inspiration! She is an example of how relevant it is to speak up rather than surrendering before the circumstances, no doubt how hard and challenging they are!

I feel so happy to see this post!

Way to go!

Thank you!

Aliya Bashir


Hello! Adanna.

Thank you for sharing this post.

The run of Lady Pastor Esther Ibanga should inspire more women to the World Pulse community; because of among others things: his courage, determination and leadership. Frankly, Pastor Esther Ibunga marvel me; not only because of by her courage to have challenged and publicly protested against the deviations of an armed group recognized worldwide as formidable: Bobo Haram, but especially because of having been appointed PASTOR despite several men; breaking thus the Biblical taboo described in the Epistle of Apostle Paul to the [1 Corinthians 14: 34-35] which states, I quote:

« …As in all the churches of God’s people, the women should keep quiet in the meetings. They are not allowed to speak; as the Jewish Law says, they must not be in charge. If they want to find out about something, they should ask their husbands at home. It is a disgraceful thing for a woman to speak in church.”

It is rightly that "Niwano Peace Foundation" awarded her the prize you refer to. That price should be a case of study, and serve as motivation to courage to the brave activist women against gender based violence on gender from world Pulse community and their allies, and even for all women around the world!

They are very rare, Women Pastors! Here in Uvira, I know of one and only one of them from a Methodist church, which curiously has the same first name Esther! This is Madam "Pastor Esther Kachiko Furaha".

Adanna, once again thank you for having shared this Post.

Good job!



Adanna, Bonjour !

Merci de nous avoir partagé ce Post.

Le parcourt de Madame Pasteur Esther Ibanga doit inspirer plus d’une femme de la communauté World Pulse par entre autres : son courage, sa détermination et son Leadership. Franchement, Pasteur Esther Ibunga m’émerveille. Non seulement par son courage d’avoir défié et protesté publiquement contre les déviations d’un groupe armé mondialement reconnu comme redoutable qu’est Bobo Haram, mais surtout de s’être fait nommer PASTOR parmi plusieurs hommes ; brisant ainsi le tabou biblique repris dans l’épitre de l’Apôtre Paul aux [1 Corinthiens 14 : 34-35] qui stipule, je cite : «… Que les femmes se taisent dans les assemblées, car il ne leur est pas permis d’y parler ; mais qu’elles soient soumises, selon que le dit la loi. Si elles veulent s’instruire sur quelque chose qu’elles interrogent leurs maris à la maison ; car il est malséant à une femme de parler dans l’église. » ! 

C’est à juste titre que «Niwano Peace Foundation" lui a attribué ce prix.  Que  ce prix soit un cas d’école et qu’il serve de motivation au courage aux braves femmes activistes contre les violences basées sur le genre de la communauté World Pulse et leurs alliés, et même du monde entier !

Elles sont très rares, les Femmes Pasteurs. Ici à Uvira, je ne connais qu’une et une seule femme Pasteur, laquelle curieusement porte le même prénom d’Esther ! C’est la « Pasteur KACHIKO FURAHA Esther ».

Une fois de plus merci Adanna pour nous avoir partagé ce Post.

Bon travail !



Hello Adanna,

First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing this post with us. Personally, I had never heard about Pastor Esther Ibanga nor the Japan Peace Prize. Thank you for teaching us about this wonderful human being. Her work sounds incredible and completely awe-inspiring. In a world that seems increasingly dangerous, I am always amazed by people who show such selflessness and courage. She is a wonderful role model for all of us, everywhere. From what you tell us, the prize sounds well-deserved!

Thank you again for sharing with us!

All the best,


Thank you so much for sharing this amazing person with the WorldPulse community. I too have not heard of Pastor Esther Ibanga nor of the Japan Peace Prize and it fills me with happiness to know about Pastor Esther's work and that she is recognized and awarded for it. 

Have you used, or are thinking of using, some of Pastor's methods to be that voice for the cause you so boldly work on with InspireIT? 

I continue to look forward to learning more about your work both with this community and with the non-profit work you are doing. Your leadership and community building skills are evident, and become more so as I learn more about you.

Thank you for sharing the story about Pastor and for all that you do.


Dear Lisa,

I am glad you know about her now. She is truly an inspiration!.

I am also thinking in the same direction about the methods, who knows?..maybe, it might work.

Thank you too:-).

Kind regards,