bonjour mes amies je voudrai tous juste vous dire camp katindo de goma un soldant se donnee la mort,il avait tues ses 3enfants puis sa femme en fin lui meme cause.selon le source manque de moyen financier.

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Hello my friends. I would like to tell you that at the Katindo Camp in the city of Goma, a soldier killed himself. He killed his three children, then he killed his wife and finally he killed himself because of a lack of financial means.

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Thank you for sharing this story with us. Sadly, I have seen similar situations all over the world. Many men feel they are responsible for providing for their families to the extent that their lack of financial means can drive them to madness. I feel sad for him that he struggled so much, but even more sad for his poor wife and children that were not given the choice to live, even without him. I pray that their friends and family can overcome the grief of such a loss. Take care of yourself and keep sharing your testimonies with us.

Blessings and Peace, Victoria

This is such a sad and tragic story Adele. It makes me wonder what would drive a man to such drastic and desperate measures in order to make him take his life as well as those of his entire family. Your story indicates that he had a heavy financial burden and I suppose it made him feel less of a man that he was unable to provide for his family. As a soldier working and serving his country, he should be well taken care of financially. It is my hope and prayer that the DRC government will make a change and assist men and women who fight for their nation to live a reasonable life. Thanks for highlighting this sad case.


Hello Adele,

this is such a terrible tragedy! We have seen this kinds of tragedies in many parts of the world. Hardship and responsibilities, guns in the proximity lead up to such violence. Times of economic hardships affect many parts of the world, even if desperate cases look different than the one you described. it is horrible that no institution takes any responsibility for our economic well being but perhaps if we hear about such cases more often we can change the situation - we can work toward some kind of a new universal system of social assistance, we can dream of some at birth guarantee income..or other dreams. for now all my warm thoughts are with you and your community. irina

Irina Costache