Even I've got a good standing regarding my input on my job for more than four(4) years during my evaluation I was adviced to file my forced resignation wayback 1983 to an institution/NGO giving health services to the rural community and the mere cause was my husbands' presence.At that time,he can't understand my organizing work,visiting far rural areas,meetings at night during the availability of folks,giving seminars,etc.As if the world for me stop to revolve and I decided start on my own.

Finding a job in a catholic institution open another hope and life for me.I was posted to the social action center to implement the parish social services for the urban poor community.More committed and am inspired to render my responsibilities and duties guided me for less than four(4)years in the parish.I experienced to be descriminated its because i am a separated woman.Envious women from the community whom I have helped created bad image against me and they said i'm not a good example.I connected with other institutions who are involved on fighting for our rights which tag me that i am a subversive.The women leaders from the communities whom i organized oppose to the decision of pulling me out but nothing I can do but just to follow the order.So,from this second experience I pause and asked "God where am i failed?"