Last September 12,2010, a six(6) lbs.,nine(9) ounce baby and still attached to the placenta,wrapped in tissues and still covered with blood was discovered abandoned in an airplane trash bag after Gulf Air's flight code GF.It is a Bahrain-based airplane flight from Middle East,and for sure the woman/mother is one of the overseas filipino workers,that in order to escape the escalating poverty and unemployment at her homeland decided to live her family behind and look what she think is a greener pasture abroad.

My question to my Co-Angels here in Pulse Wire is,if you are in the position of the said mother/woman,what should you do if you are caught in the same situation?

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My friend Sampy on World Pulse wrote about a baby George Francis, that is alive and well after being abandoned this way. Is this the same child? I realize that I do not fully understand all of the trials and misfortunes of women worldwide. However, the basic duty of a mother I believe is written on her heart, women have suffered great hardships, even given their own lives to protect their children. Never, never, never should a woman be excused for leaving a child to face death this way. This is a problem worldwide, children being left, abandoned, thrown out with the trash. As a worldwide community we must demand and expect basic human rights, this child had the right to a chance at life no matter his mothers circumstance. Thank you for posing this question, it makes me think.....

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

If I haven't been an advocator of womens' health and rights, I might cursed the woman who abandoned the said baby.Having had attended and exposure to many different women in poor communities in urban especially,I've felt where they coming from. I have learn to understand them,thier decision and I at once don't blame and accused them for doing so,eventhough I haven't hear yet and know the real story behind why she did that.Yes,they say it's an unforgivable offense but I pity her for doing so because I know that she will face a lot of negative comments.

That's also one reason why we are here now in Pulse Wire and we need to continue discover what's our role.I don't want to see one of my co-sister/co-angel in all other parts of the world to be put in such a situation,so let's strive for changes.

It was last September 12, 2010 at about 11:18 a.m.when George Francis was discovered abandoned in an airplane trash bag and September 16, 2010 when the National Bureau of Investigation was able to locate and finally identified to be the baby's mother and the DNA test was done.An Overseas Filipino Worker,just arrived from Qatar,hails from a barangay in Apayao,and she accepted that she was married and has family left here in the Philippines.According to her, she's not expecting of giving birth inside the plane and because of confussion,she left the baby inside the trash bin in the labatory.

It was yesterday,October 19, 2010,when the DNA result come out and it's positive that she's the mother of George Francis-the newborn baby found abandoned in the trash bin of Gulf airplane.

The National Bureau of Investigation is still evaluating whether to charge her with violation of Republic Act 9208 or the Anti-Trafficking Act and abandoning a child.

According to authorities,if unclaimed for three(3) months,the baby will then be considered abandoned and will be ready for adoption.