Everyone has a vision in life.Actually, I am not a dreamer since then and mine(Vision),maybe,will be different because as the saying here goes,can it be possible to say that"You have to cross the bridge when you get there".I just have a very simple outlook in life which they said "having a shallow happiness". During my grade school,never,never I dream to be a teacher-seeing how hard the work and obligation of second parents next to our real one.Upon reaching my maturity,I started to appreciate and acknowledge the dedications,hardships,sacrifices and all the exerted efforts done by my teachers.I also come to realize then,that teaching does not require to be done in classroom setting only but there are lots of places, like under the shade of a tree,under the bridge and even in a dilapidated space where we feel that the ambiance is conducive for learning. I have a classmate-friend,which parents are separated and got three kids and was left to the care of the mother,so that in order to sustain their daily needs and no choice for her,she was forced be accept costumer.On that,my mother prohibit me to go to the house of my friend and not wanting me to befriend with her.I know,at that time I was so ambivalent and have resistance to follow her order. I insist of what I suppose to do and find ways to have time and opportunity to play.I don't want to judge a woman for doing so,and nobody wants to have a despicable life like that.Another friend of mine was adopted and again I was restricted to play with her because she has a bad attitude, not nice how she is treating her adoptive parents.But as we go along,I can influence her to acknowledge and be thankful for the good things she's enjoying given by her not real parents.

Mission in life is the path which is very frightening and full of risks.I could not waste my remaining life in a nonsense way and I want it to be more meaningful,useful and to make the most out of what is given to me, and pay it forward.When I was involved to the Taal volcano victims,it was so frustrating and hurting me so much to see the people,women,children and old ones staying on the temporary evacuation site while waiting for them to have safe refuge.Only I can lend them is my moral support,helping to cook while having conversation giving hope that they can pass the challenges they're facing at the moment.I help to put/clear their things in places and help solicit used clothes,foods and medicines.I even go with the leaders/representative to seek the help and bring to the attention of the governor of their situation.I extend my help whenever there's medical mission going on.Having with me the skills I've learn and experiences I've gained being a community organizer to rural and urban setting fave my way to pursue and continue to walk to the bridge that I am saying.

The clamor of every woman around the world,in building a strong nation,where womens' reproductive and health rights are being acknowledge and practice has been gradually increasing.I am always praying for a wider world where peace and justice abide,equal opportunities for women and men is being enjoyed and people are more compassionate and less judgemental.

I want to be a Voice Of The Future Correspondent for my continuing personal transformation,make sense of myself and my world and determine where meaning lies for me.I want to become the Pulse Wire 2010 Voice of the Future Sole Correspondent that will give and can create impact to the readers,listeners and viewers on the issues and concerns of what I am saying was deeply- rooted on my heart and part of my whole being,trying to find better,best solution to the said problems that affects me and whole women of the world.I am looking for a perfect image of a correspondent who will represent the underpriviledge and make a difference for Real.I am dreaming and hoping that my role as a VOF correspondent will somehow touch the peoples lives and to tackle the deeper reason why.This will come to a reality by providing the principles,clear guidlines and clear information on how to properly respond if the need arises to common challenges and find solutions to a wide range of challenging situations.

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Dear Alia,

Thanks a lot for your great appreciation on my assignment.I am hoping that you might have a tongue of an angel for saying so.If I deserve it,I can have it.Let's continue our friendship

Cheers !

Sometimes we are searching for a way to bring our vision into clearer focus. You have used all your skills and gifts to bring your own dream of a better world into your own life and the lives around you. Your compassion helps to heal us all.

Kathleen Abood

Dear Kathleen,

Yes,I'm truly aware that everyone of us was been gifted in every different aspects,although others discovered it early and some are not even aware of it because they're preoccupied by a lot of worldly conviniences and unconviniences in life that sometimes ignoring what's happening on their body.As per my experiences,and much aware of my body,I give attention at once to the signal of what my body wants me to do.I can fell if I'm lacking of water and a need for me to drink.Being very busy,sometimes for sure,we,mothers,even if we feel urinating we postponed it,which is so dangerous to our kidney.So,hey,my co-sisters,please pay attention to our selves.We need to pause for a while and pay attention to what our body wants to tell us.

Beautiful piece sister ! I agree with your comment. We so many times, ignore our body signals ! being connected to our body truly energizes our mind :-) If we ignore our body - she ignores us and as a woman, woman who wants to transform her community and herself - we cannot afford that.

You have an wonderful voice - I do hope you become VOF :-)

Dear Farona,

While I making that piece,I reminished my happy moments with my former officemates and I am thanking them who had stayed at my side during rainy days of my life,and thank them for reminding me that I am far from perfect and sometimes I need a little break for unwinding.

That's why, I am encouraging you my sisters to do the same as I did because our health is our wealth and we all need to be healthy for us to pursue our fight for CHANGE.

Dear Kathleen,

Life obviously does not come easy,we are on top of the world one minute and we must maximize it while we have the opportunity to share our gifts and skills to others and by doing it,for sure it will be replicated.

Cheers and regards.

Dear Adlema, Your passionate voice rings out. You are right that education can take place in many places, including "under the shade of a tree, under the bridge..." With warm regards, rozjean

'Making sense of myself and my world..." I so LOVED this phrase. Thank you so much for your words and your honesty. I many of your sentiments to ring very true to my own desires to be a change maker. Good luck on the journey and please continue to write! I look forward to reading more. With love, Jocelyn