I woke up this morning and read this article:

It rattled my soul and wetted my eyes. The poem tries to express the anguish of a mother, who is worried about how her daughter will ever survive in this vicious, merciless, sadistic world.

Before even the dusk in the broad daylight, glued to you were so many staring sights, scared and frightened are all you could feel, pace yourself and take to heel, remain aware if someone might stalk, keep on watch, gaze like hawk.

Everyday, each and one, till the night from rise of sun, aware,frightened,terrified and scared, dash through the streets as they stared.

I bore the pain,the nuisance like a soldier, I am old, brave, wise and versed, But, death be on you, all you be cursed, with my little angel you quenched your thirst?

The innocence in her eyes you smothered, the smile on her face, forever you wiped, pushed her into the abyss of fire and pain and torment, and for what, just some urges of yours to content?

Your soul was already dead, but you killed her’s, doused her fire and pushed her into some blurs, You monsters, you cannibals, let us live! the world is more ours than it was ever yours! Death and prison are penalties are meager for you, But your souls are long dead and humanity lost into the deep dark blue!

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