Four women, including myself, have gathered today with our laptops to spend two hours communicating with other PulseWire women. I am finishing a painting of a crystal cave where lost mothers and daughters search for AND FIND each other. It is a cave filled with beautiful crystals illuminated by a fountain of multi-hued light that emanates from the depths of the cave. Names of the great earth goddesses are carved in some of the crystals. The painting symbolizes an end to the terrible separation of daughters and mothers created by wars, slavery, and socialized misogyny. The next painting will depict the mothers and daughters stepping out into the sunlit world, empowered to transform society. I will post an image of the Crystal Cave painting soon.

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This is amazing! I am so thrilled to hear of the four of you gathering to get on PulseWire, and I can't wait to see your painting!

Hi Shoshana, That would be great! I'll send you an email about it. In order to protect your privacy, I strongly advise you not to share your personal contact information (such as email addresses) publicly. Click edit on your comment to delete your address. Similarly, you can edit your original post to add photos of your gathering by clicking the "Edit" tab on top of your post.

On another note, if you have another blog, you're welcome to repost your blog posts in your PulseWire journal.


Dear Breese- I can't figure out how to edit my comment. No "edit" tab appears on top of my post. Am I viewing my comments in the wrong place, where I can only read them but not edit them?

Also, I realize that I accidentally created two Pulse Wire accounts: one as "artsci muse" and the other as "Shoshanah". I would like to delete the "Shoshanah" account and keep the "artsci muse" account. How do I do this?

Thanks so much.


Hi Shoshanah, To edit your comment, there whould be an "edit" link under the comment. For the post, there will be a tab above the post. Let me know if you continue to have trouble. I will find your other account and delete it for you.

Breese- On the individual comments listed under my post, where our series of comments appears, I see only "reply" links. I noticed that immediately after I submitted my previous comment, there were two links: one to edit, one to reply. But after I left the page where my post appears, and then returned to it, the "edit" link is no longer there.

Thanks for deleting the Shoshanah account, which is actually the one we are now commenting on. In the future I will go to the "artscimuse" account. Please send me a comment there to let me know you have closed the other account.

As long as you are logged in to your account, you should be able to edit your comments and post. Did you close your browser in between? That might have logged you out. Let me know if this problem persists... Thanks!