I am excited that the increasing access to communications technology, new media and citizen journalism, will provides me with a historical opportunity to promote my voice, strengthen collaboration, and accelerate the exchange of working models for women’s empowerment and solutions to global challenges.

It is ridiculous to note that women hold only 15% of global decision-making positions; about 16% of global news stories focus on women related issues; and less than 1% of the top positions in global media are held by women and about48% of all news stories reinforces gender stereotypes and only 19% of experts cited in global news stories are women.

The responsibility falls on generation of grassroots’ women leaders like me who need to connect with other leaders to share their experiences and bring our stories, needs and solutions to the forefront of global awareness.

In solving global problems of discrimination against women, I love to talk on women’s political participation and gender-based violence especially in a developing country like Nigeria where little or no respect is given to the women fold.

The web 2.0‘s unique opportunity for new media, social media, and social networking offers a great opportunity for citizen journalist like myself.

Web 2.0 will allow me to meet new people and new friends and offer me the opportunity to be part of a global family. I will be able to express myself across the continents and cultural barriers by reporting on issues that are important to women silenced or isolated women reported issues.

With the New Media, I don’t have to wait for traditional media products like magazines, newspapers, radio shows and television programs to tell my story. I will be able to have an input in the media content to be created, edited, published, and distributed. By working online, I can introduce my projects, ideas, and solutions to a global audience and make connections that can support and invigorate my offline work.

Unlike the traditional print media where I must submit an article to an editorial team to have it published, a citizen journalist who is empowered with new media tools can become the writer, editor, publisher, and distributor. Citizen journalists can create a global network of supporters by using online social networking communities such as: Blog, Facebook, These tools can be used to start global conversations; and free online software like YouTube which can be used to edit and distribute videos on the events happening in your community.

The benefit of social networking is that I can get feedback, share ideas, keep people up-to-date on my projects, and organize a gathering or action in your community

I can as well write about my own life, make friends i have never met, upload photos, and engage in dialogue about things that are important to me.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0.

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Dear Adurodija,

I sense your excitement about starting global conversations and I share your views about how empowering Web 2.0 can be to citizen journalists. While Web 2.0 undoubtedly helps us 'Broadcast Ourselves' (apologies to YouTube), I am interested in your thoughts on how Web 2.0 can make us better and more empathetic listeners in the global conversations that are emerging through this technology and social movement.

More power to you in your commitment to solving problems of discrimination against women and gender-based violence. Your work is critical to the change we want to see in the world.

All the best, Susa

Susa, you made my day, i promise to put in my possible best in solving the problem of discrimination against women and gender based violence in Nigeria.Thanks

Adurodija -

Thank you for sharing all of the possibilities that Web 2.0 can bring to your life and to women across the globe. It is great that you are able to spread the word about women's political participation and gender-based violence. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and Voice in the coming weeks.

Hi Adurodija, Thank you for your motivating article. I am too excited about the possibilities that Web 2.0 offers, but I also see many obstacles. Although we can all express our voices now (or at least those of us with access to technology and who can write), I see much disorganization with Web 2.0 and anonymity. Anyone can write anything they feel without much accountability. How can we ensure this accountability and sincerity? Also I see a challenge in how people connect to each other through Web 2.0. Are there ways to ensure that effective collaboration occurs when millions of people are expressing their opinion wherever they want? What direction does such technology lead us in? Thank you for your writing and I look forward to hearing more!

Mary Magellan