About Me: I am a Portland midwife working with A Woman's Point of View. Currently, I am getting prepared for a trip to Hinche, Haiti, where I will help provide midwifery and basic health care to the village and recent refugees escaping after the earthquake. I feel honored to be able to put my skills to good use. There are many things that the refugees and the clinic need. A photographer friend and I are also trying to get a grant to help us return to Haiti and work with Traditional Birth Attendants. For more information about the grant and to help us (by adding your voice, no money etc needed) go to this link! Thanks!! http://www.nau.com/collective/grant-for-change/aerlyn--1502.html.share

My Passions: Hiking, Photography, Kundalini Yoga, Maya Massage, and Midwifery

My Vision for the Future: Better birth choices for women all over the world

My Areas of Expertise: Midwifery, Healing arts

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