I had just relocated to South Africa early 2009 in search of knowledge. It was my first time to leave East Africa, and though I was excited, I could not shake off the feeling of uncertainty which easily matures into fear. I had heard of numerous stories, about this beautiful country, some were inspiring, others were scary. Loneliness become my companion my first few weeks.

I was born and raised in Kenya in a farm in a town called Nakuru. I spent most of my life as a young woman navigating between Nairobi (the capital city) and Nakuru. Depending on where I was, internet connectivity ranged from good to terrible, but it required my walking to the nearest internet cafe. With this background, I was naturally fascinated at how quick, free and accessible internet was at the university I had just joined in South Africa. The intricate cocktail of my loneliness and internet become my everyday special for those first few weeks. It is at this point that I met and fell in love with the worldpulse community.

This relationship has exposed me to stories that I would never have known or read if I were to confine myself to school books. My academic studies natured and solidified my interest in issues affecting women, I was exposed to a world of theories and philosophies; I became conscious of my identity as a feminist. However, worldpulse remained my companion and reference point throughout my academic studies. The real stories from women all over the world and from grass root levels, kept me grounded on reality and became my source of inspiration, and sometimes examples when explaining points in class. I talked of the complexity of the challenges and solutions women in different communities across the globe are experiencing while I have never physically stepped beyond the boundaries of the continent. I spoke with so much passion as if I knew these women personally, and I felt I did. I remain encouraged and stimulated by thoughts written by women who are inspired by their genuineness and commitment to the empowerment of the woman.

I recently got an opportunity to travel around Southern Africa visiting groups of young women in urban slums and rural areas, and many a time I often think; if only it were possible for these young women to post their stories on such forums as worldpulse, if only it were possible for these young women to read the stories of women across the world (and why not?), then they would know that they are not alone in they work hard to empower themselves. They would know that there is a global movement of women moving beyond numerous and complex forms of challenges. As such thoughts haunt my mind, I am aware that my relationship with world pulse is just beginning, for it is my duty to monitor and advocate the empowerment of women and tell the story of the woman as a woman.

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yes when you say that you think about those women whose voice needs to be heard globally, when you say-"if only it were possible for these young women to post their stories on such forums as worldpulse, if only it were possible for these young women to read the stories of women across the world (and why not?)" you show your great passion towards women empowerment! you can be the voice for those women for the world pulse! god may have taken you there for the same reason. Good luck my friend!


Nilima from Nepal

Hi Nilima,

I am beginning to realise this is my calling. Every time I get distracted, some force keeps pulling me back....and why not? thanx for the encouragement.

Warm regards, Grace

You can post those stories of inspiring women so that all women can be influenced.


Sahar Nuraddin

follow me @ssnuraddin--------------"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."- Helen Keller

Hi Sahar,

I like that quote "life is either a daring adventure or nothing".....lets choose a daring adventure. I will endeavour to post one of their stories in the next assignment.

warm regards, Grace

They no longer need politicians who rely on their preconceived ideas to tell their stories through other mediums. You can tell their stories here and empower all of us. You are already empowering women and that is commendable. Thank you for sharing.

Rudzanimbilu Muthambi

Dear Grace, Because I also traveled to another country to attend college, your piece was extremely touching to me and it brought up feelings that I thought long forgotten: loneliness and loss, yes, but also a sense of internal discovery and awareness that is so precious!

I hope that you keep on discovering, that the sense of curiosity you feel remains with you always, and that you continue to expand your worldview beyond academia by talking and listening to the women in the fields; by writing about your experiences and reading about others'; and above all, by opening your heart and expressing what you feel and see so that we can all enjoy your wonderful stories.



Hi Viochan,

Thank you so much for your words, so so much. You have no idea just how timley they are. I felt your words, and they are just the words i needed to hear/read right now. I can not even begin to explain how timely your words are and how relevant they are to me. Thank you! Thank you!

You are the sister and comrade I need right now, and your words motivate me. I couldnt agree more with you, lets explore the world through the eyes of a woman, and lets tell its stories. Thanks for the encouragement.

Warm regards, Grace

I enjoyed reading your piece. You brought me along your journey and offered a view into your feelings along the way. I would like to hear more about the details of your experiences, what wounds have healed to give you new strength, what challenges you have overcome, what events have awakened you or opened your eyes to a new way of seeing.

I am glad that you are willing to share your voice to encourage and empower other women. You have so many gifts to offer!


Hi Christine,

Today I draw strength from the words of my comrades. Thank so much for your words. Details of my experiences, where to start, mmmmhhh....that would interesting!

Warm regards, Grace