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Posted March 25, 2009 from Kenya

I received this from a friend, and thought i would share it. It is a good opportunity especially for those involved in the HIV and AIDS campaign. I know the deadline is soon, but it does not hurt to try.

Microbicide is any compound or substance whose purpose is to reduce the infectivity of microbes, such as viruses or bacteria.


You are invited to apply for the Global Campaign for Microbicides' (GCM) Microbicides Research Literacy Training.

In 2008, GCM launched the Microbicides Essentials course on-line at www.HIVPreventionResearch.org. In June, we will be hosting an in-person training for clinical trial staff and advocates, who are based from and working in Africa, that will combine content from the Microbicides Essentials course with participatory learning activities.

The training will take place in Nairobi, Kenya on 18-19 June 2009 and will give participants the tools and practice to speak more knowledgeably and to better answer questions regarding the complexities of microbicide development and testing. Participants will be required complete at least 3 modules of the course by CD-Rom or on-line before attending the training.


In this participatory and engaging training, you will learn to:

* Effectively describe the basic science of HIV and how microbicides work in language that is easy to understand * Answer questions about microbicides trials. * Address myths, misconceptions, and rumors about microbicides research. * Access and use additional resources for further learning.


This training will enable participants to better communicate complex research concepts to trial participants, communities, advocates, and other relevant stakeholders. These communication skills are vital for ensuring that trials can move forward successfully, so that new prevention options can be found.


Participants must be:

* Based and working in Africa. * Conversant in English. * Active in the HIV prevention field--either professionally or as a recognized advocate. * Able to travel to/from Nairobi, Kenya between the 17th and 20th of June 2009. * Willing and able to complete a minimum of 3 Microbicides Essentials course modules (which will take approximately 6 hours to complete) by 1 June 2009. A CD-ROM disc of the course can be sent to participants who are not able to complete the course on-line at www.hivpreventionresearch.org.


Downlaod and complete the attached Microbicides Research Literacy Training Application Form at http://www.global-campaign.org/clientfiles/MRLT-Application.doc

Please return to GCM, using one of the methods listed below, by Wednesday, 1 April 2009:

By e-mail to gwolnitzek@path.org

By fax to the attention of Gary Wolnitzek at +202-457-1466

A maximum of twenty participants will be selected for this training. GCM will make the final selection of participants and notify them by email, no later than Thursday, 30 April 2009.

If you are selected, you will then need to complete 3 modules of the Microbicides Essentials course by 1 June 2009.


There are a limited number of travel scholarships available to selected participants. No separate application is necessary.

Scholarships will cover the travel and accommodation costs associated with participating in the training. Details of the actual costs covered and other stipulations will be sent to scholarship recipients once they have been selected.


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